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By Mir
October 16, 2010

I think I’ve finally figured out that I should just not promise to do anything on Friday afternoons. I keep promising you winners and then being attacked by ridiculous things like my job and my children. Hmph. But! Winners later today, I promise for real, as well as some weekend goodies.

In the meantime: Let’s shop.

This weekend only, you can use coupon code OCT15OFF to take 15% off your highest-priced item at, though it excludes diapers, formula, closeouts, and a few different high-end brands. Assuming you can find something you want that it’ll work on, it may be a handy deal. (And don’t forget that you’ll get free shipping on $25+ if you throw something from into your shared cart!)

Feeling sporty? Eastbay is your source for athletic gear of all kinds, and this weekend only, they’re offering 25% off your $99+ order with coupon code LKS1TCE3. This is a great way to get the equipment your kids need along with the branded shoes/hoodies/whatever they insist they’ve “just gotta” have.

Need an excuse to shop at Macy’s today? Happy to oblige! Today if you purchase a $5 “Shop for a Cause” ticket you’ll not only be supporting charities like Feeding America, you’ll save an additional 10% or 20% on your entire purchase. If you have a lot of shopping to do (or have your eye on a big-ticket item), this one’s a no-brainer.

If you have a beloved GPS unit but have trouble (like me) securing it to your windshield, check out this HandStands sticky pad dash mount that’s just $9 shipped from; it sits on your dashboard and you connect your GPS mount to it, rather than getting circles all over your windshield. Plus, it’s wide enough that you can set your cell phone next to it and it (magically!) stays put.

The holidays will soon be upon us, and let me tell you, you could do a lot worse than a 16″ x 20″ gallery-wrapped canvas of your favorite photo, particularly if you scoop up today’s Boston Groupon and get it for $45 delivered instead of the $130ish it usually costs. (The year we gave my mother-in-law a canvas of all the grandkids was a total win, by the way.)

And if you’re not sick of Old Navy yet, they’re doing a spend more, save more promotion: coupon code ONLOVE30 takes off as much as 30%, but starts at 20% off your $100+ purchase.

So many deals, so little time….


  1. I highly recommend the dashboard-style mount for the GPS – don’t forget that some states/provinces ban mounting things from your windshield!

  2. We got one of those sticky pad dash mounts last year when they came up at With infrequent use (in my husband’s car, for weekend use), it lasted less than 6 months before tearing badly enough to make it useless. The more expensive weighted dash mount that I use much more frequently in my car has lasted well over a year, and shows no signs of giving out. We now just move the whole thing back and forth between our cars.

  3. You should do a quick post about the new Target credit card program that will offer 5% off most purchases there. It begins tomorrow so I’m going down today to try to get the current 10% off coupon in addition to the new program which wont offer the 10%.

  4. I got the Groupon (Thanks!) but they said the code won’t be available until 10/20. I’m ready to create NOW.

  5. Thanks for another great Groupon deal. Christmas present for the grandparents—check! $45.00 for a $127.00 item, you can’t beat that.

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