Gotta be…

By Mir
October 18, 2010

Long-time readers know that I’m a terrible sucker for all things Veggie Tales. My kids have outgrown them, now, but I will always remember the days of my daughter begging for “mo yoonyer agaragus?” fondly. (I don’t think Junior Asparagus minds having his name mangled. He’s very tolerant, that way.)

Also, I am still waiting for my water buffalo.

Anyway! Particularly as the holidays draw closer, the best place to find all things Veggie Tales is always Family Christian. At least count they had… oh, about a billion DVDs and CDs available.

Of course, they also have a few new products. Like… Veggie Bands (never let it be said they don’t keep up with the latest fads). And my son would’ve gone positively nuts for this Veggie Express train set, back in the day.

Family Christian’s prices are pretty good, anyway, but let me sweeten the deal for you: Use coupon code 122501301 for another 25% off your purchase. Shipping is very reasonable, too—it’s early enough that you can still choose economy, and that starts at just $3/order.

P.S. Cebuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!


  1. Personally, I would rather have the baby kangaroo. I think a water buffalo is too big for my house.

  2. My personal favorite is the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything – we have a lot in common. (Sadly, I’ve never painted daisies on a big red rubber ball OR been to Bawston in the fahl.)

  3. When my daughter had her tonsils out, we watched “Lord of the Beans” approximately eleventy million times. Luckily it is pretty funny, with lots of great “Lord of the Rings” jokes, e.g., Aragorn= Ear of Corn, Orcs = Sporks. There is even an “Elvish impersonator”. Funny stuff.

  4. Oh I need to tell you something. i don’t got a belly button!

    My son can never make it through this song without collapsing in laughter.

  5. Awesome! My personal fav is The Hairbrush Song and I’ve been trying to get the Veggie Tales Nativity for 2 years now. Just ordered it! Thanks, Mir!

  6. My daughter and I love the hairbrush song and since she never watched veggie tales I have only you to thank/blame, Mir! Also, many, many words can be substituted in for “hairbrush” adding to my husband’s delight in that song.

  7. The bunny the bunny, I ate the bunny…

  8. You are my cheeseburger!

  9. “Because I love my lips!”

    (That is all. You may return to being serious.)

    (No, wait…in honor of my husband’s real Great Aunt Ruth, who may or may not have a beard:)

    “On the day I got my tooth, I had to kiss my Great Aunt Ruth. She had a beard, and it felt weird.”

    (And of course, from the girl living in Duluth:)

    “If my lips moved to Duluth, left a mess and took my tooth, that’d be too bad. I’d call my dad.”

    (Can you guess which one is my favorite? Now you can go about your regular day.)


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