Take me out to the movies

By Mir
October 18, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

(Okay, fine; the song is “take me out to the ballgame,” but I would much rather go see a movie than watch baseball.)

Today’s Orlando Groupon is six movie tickets for just $30 (by way of Weekly Cinema; it’s easy, I promise), which is a great excuse to pre-empt your knee-jerk “We’ll see it when it comes out on DVD” response, yes? Why, I can remember when movie tickets were regularly $3.50. But we had to ride our brontosauruses (brontosaurusi?) to the theater, back then.

Once again, Groupon makes me wonder how we ever saved money before they came along.


  1. These days, those young whippersnappers don’t even call ’em brontosauruses anymore, dang newfangled dinosaur names. Hmph!

  2. Brigitte, I came to the comments section to post just that — I guess brontosauri are truly extinct! Headin’ in that direction myself, too, I guess . . .

  3. If $3.50 makes you a dinosaur, what about me? I remember 30-cent matinees for kids. (The grownups had to pay 50 cents in the evening.)

    Ooooh, I just made myself feel really, really old. I think I’ll go take a nap or something. And while I’m gone, you kids stay off my lawn.

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