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By Mir
October 21, 2010

So I was chatting with some other frugal blogger types yesterday evening, and I actually said the following:

When Zappos stopped pricematching, I thought life as I knew it was over. But then they started 6pm, and my life had meaning again.

It was an emotional moment, is all I’m sayin’.

And hey, today’s offerings include Clarks, Uggs, New Balance, Ann Klein, and more. Is it any wonder I can’t stay away from this site? I mean, sure, the pricematching was fun, and everything, but this is so much easier.


  1. But doesn’t having to pay the shipping both ways kind of negate the benefits of lower prices? I have to admit that Zappos Sr. doesn’t have the best prices, but it’s nice to order $700 worth of shoes, returning the ones that don’t fit or don’t look as good in person as the airbrushed model does.

  2. And they have lots of wide shoes too!

  3. But… ALWAYS price matched AND they have better service! The selection is just as big – if not bigger. I have several pair from them and they rock! They got my business this summer when I was looking for the best price on some Chaco flip flops.

    Go on now, shop!

  4. Now that you have passed this emotion-filled devotion on to many of us, do you have any advice on how to explain to our spouses that we do, in fact, need this many shoes and yes, we do NEED more? I mean, how can one pass up Keen boots for less than $60 shipped?!

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