Groupon’s looking awfully pretty today

By Mir
October 21, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Every now and then I think to myself, “Self, Groupon is going to get stale. They’ve offered several of the same online deals for something like fourteen days in a row, now, and soon there will be nothing new I need and that will be sad.” But then (thankfully) I turn out to be completely wrong, because new deals just keep popping up, and I keep finding new excuses to buy. Heh.

Today, for example, the Bakersfield Groupon is $50 to Whats-in-Store for just $20, and if you don’t see a whole bunch of affordable but super pretty jewelry there you totally need might be able to knock out some holiday gifts with, you might not be breathing. Or check out the sidebar deal in today’s Salt Lake City Groupon—$75 of fashionable kiddie boutique Secretly Spoiled items for just $35!

Heck, buy them both and everyone will be all blinged out at a very Groupon price. Nice!


  1. Now I’ll be shiny! Thanks!

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