Girls’ fleece, without getting fleeced

By Mir
October 22, 2010

[Insert standard “Old Navy, I wish I knew how to quit you” disclaimer here. You don’t mind, do you?]

Take a look in the Girls’ Bargains section at Old Navy today and you’ll find a whole assortment of girls’ quarter-zip microfleece tops for just $5 apiece. There’s other bargains to be had as well, of course, but I love their microfleece and $5 a pop kind of stopped me in my tracks. (Looks like all patterns are well-stocked right now, too.) I guess we have to apologize to the boys, though; they can have fleece vests for $5 apiece, but no arms for them! Bad boys!

Save another 15% with coupon code ONTREAT, too. $4.25 for a fleece! I can’t get ’em any cheaper than that at Goodwill.


  1. You can also stack code ONSUPER50 for free shipping on all orders over $50 🙂

  2. Had a $10 gift card laying around. Just scored 5 sweatshirts and 4 sweatpants for my daughter for Christmas for a total of $47!!!!! Faith, it wouldn’t let me stack the coupon:(

  3. I was able to stack the 15% off coupon and the free shipping coupon no problem. Just make sure that after the 15% off that it’s still above $50.

    Also check out the Facebook coupon for 50% off any one piece of outerwear good 10/26-10/28

  4. There are also women’s pullovers & boys fleece vests for $5.

  5. Okay, so I called Old Navy and I did fall to $49 with my 15% off. Cancelled that order and reordered adding a pair of socks:) but I had invalidated my $10 gift card:(. Called Old Navy again and they said they would be mailing me a new gift card, but offered me free shipping on my next order for the inconvenience. Man, saving money is a lot of work:)

  6. This morning I used the stacked codes and got 10 items (3 or 4 fleeces, a pair of jeans, a cami, and 2 shirts, plus I forget what else. Not little stuff, is what I’m saying.) for less than $80.00 in the end. That performance fleece is perfect for snuggling around the house and for $5? Please. Awesome.

  7. Girls’ waffle-knit henleys are on sale for $7. Buy 2 or more and they go down to $2.50 each, $2.12 after code! Crazy!

  8. Thanks! I just saved about a bundle!

  9. Sweet, thanks, Mir! And thanks, Kyallee! That was a killer deal.

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