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By Mir
October 22, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

One more week down! I try to be as chipper as possible when I wake the kids on Fridays. It confuses them. (Try it; it’s fun!)

Santa has officially started shopping: See this Razor A3 Kick Scooter at Amazon? If you select the color red and then look in the “More Buying Choices” sidebar on the right, it’s just $16.99 direct from Amazon (and around $50 everywhere else). Booyah.

The Amazon Friday Sale is full of… coconut water. I would like to know who is drinking all of that. Fortunately, it’s also full of discounted Tazo teas, which I love.

Today’s featured deal at is up to 70% off all things BCBG, so you know I’m scanning through just in case there’s anything I need to tell you about. Or anything that accidentally falls into my cart. Plenty of other deals abound, too—The North Face, Florsheim, and yesterday’s deals are running for another day, too, looks like.

Are you out of certificates? Use coupon code PUMPKIN through the weekend for 80% off, netting you $25 for dining for just $2. That’s $23 of found money to use towards a babysitter, dessert, or a new pair of shoes. (Priorities: I has them.)

I keep forgetting to check the Overstock Deal of the Day, but then when I do I’m usually pleasantly surprised. If you’ve been wanting one of those mesh-back office chairs and wondering why they cost so much more than leather ones, I still have no idea why they’re so expensive, but today you can get a really nice ergonomic one at Overstock for $140, which is a good $60 cheaper than I’ve seen it anywhere else. (Though it looks like this deal is slated to change over to sheets sometime today. Confusing.)

Check out today’s Madison Groupon to get $50 to Mixbook for just $15! That’d take care of your holiday cards or that photo book you’ve been meaning to make.

More deals coming up later, but that should keep you busy for a bit, at least….


  1. I’ve tried coconut water and thought it rather refreshing . . except for the loose floating bits of coconut all the local brands seem to have. Chunky water, eeeww!

  2. Just picked up 3 scooters. Thanks, Mir. You are especially pretty today.

  3. I am so trying to resist that scooter! I think my 4 year old needs an upgrade from his 3 wheel scooter but my husband would kill me If it is still there later today (ha ha I kill me) maybe it will be from Grandma for Christmas.

  4. I’m trying to come up with a use for those led rope lights, because I think they’re just cool. The neon ones could go around the edges of the ceiling in my 6 y.o. son’s room… or something??? They’d be awesome for a basement party room, too. (Too bad we don’t have one of those – ours just has the laundry and treadmill and other flotsam.)

    Thanks for the deal on the Tazo teas!

  5. Mir, you ROCK!! My daughter outgrew her scooter ages ago, but I never got around to getting her a new one. She will be thrilled to get this for Christmas!

    My mother introduced me to coconut water this past summer & I simply fell in love! Think of it as an all natural gatorade. It is low fat, full of electorlytes & high in potassium. It is very refreshing & an, instant hydrator. I’ve tried many brands out there. My personal favorite is Vita Coco. I scoop Vita & Zico (my 2nd fav) up whenever they’re on sale at Amazon.

  6. Thanks Mir!
    My sons scooter got stolen this summer, he will be thrilled to have another.

    And I got a 2nd one for the toddler, because he is horrible at waiting his turn.

    I was hoping they would go on sale again.

  7. Talked to the hubs and he agreed we should pull the trigger. 2 new scooters for the kids, they will be thrilled!

  8. Nice find on the Mixbook deal. They also are running 25% off everything through Oct. 25. I’m not great at math, but that seems to make the deal even more awesome.

    Also, there was a lot of canned dog food in the Amazon food section along with the coconut water. Which made me sick.

  9. 16.99 for a razor?! I would shove you like Elaine on “Seinfeld” and say “Shut UP!” if you were here- what a deal! Thanks, Mir!

  10. Coconut water is an excellent “real food” substitute for pedialyte if you have a little one with an upset tummy! (or a big person, for that matter) You can learn more about it here.

  11. Awesome job spotting the Mixbook for Christmas cards! Is there a way to see all the Groupons without going city to city?

  12. Oh I bought that scooter RIGHT UP. Thank you!

  13. Woohoo one Christmas present done! Thanks for spotting the great deal on the scooter Mir!

  14. Bungee chairs. Great for those hot flash days, and the seat also has lots of air flow. Super comfortable, also. If you ever spot a deal for one of those…

  15. hmmm I’m not seeing the scooter deal. I must’ve missed it. 🙁

  16. When you buy a certificate from, how long are they good for?

  17. Heather, it’s one year from purchase date.
    It’s the scooter deal gone??

  18. thanks for the scooter…perfect for Christmas! Have a great weekend Mir!

  19. Poo! Missed the scooter deal! Trying to get Christmas done early and CHEAP!

  20. Dude, thanks for the Mixbook Groupon! I just used up my Shutterfly Groupons for the most of the Grandparents Christmas gifts and was hoping for at least 1 more photobook deal to finish them off (what? I’m talking Christmas gifts). And there you are like a genie in a bottle this morning. A very pretty one too, I might add.

  21. I think I missed the scooter deal, too…BUMMER.

  22. Crap – I need to get up earlier! That scooter would have been perfect… 🙁

  23. @GrandeMocha- I was wondering the same thing.

  24. I found a list on google. Looks like Grand Rapids, Houston, OK City, Toledo, and Wichita all have national deals today

  25. lists each city’s groupon with a separate list of the national deals eash day. you can subscribe.

  26. I think another one of Mir’s pretty followers mentioned this site in an earlier post:

    It has become one of my daily habits 🙂

  27. Alyssa – we must be on the same wave length!!

  28. Nooo! I missed the chair, and my husband really needs a new chair in our home office. He is such a hottie (literally and figuratively, but here is the literal sense) that he needs the mesh and refuses to buy a leather chair. Poor super-hot guy. 😉 Grrrrr. I’ll keep looking.

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