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By Mir
October 23, 2010
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Gooooood morning! There’s nothing quite like a lazy morning after a week of getting up entirely too early. Ahhhh.

Want a little giggle this morning? Check out the new Amazon Holiday Toy List feature, chock-full of the items Amazon is sure you’re going to want for kids this year. It’s, uh, quite the assortment. (Perfect for the person thinking, “Hmmm, should I buy that baby some building blocks or an ant farm…? I can’t decide!”)

You know I can barely even say the word “jeggings” without it catching in my throat, but if you’ve caught legging-mania (or—more likely—have a teenager who has, check out the assortment of buy-1-get-1-free options in today’s Target Daily Deals. Lace! Denim! Sequins! Zippers! Every possible monstrosity option is there, and they’re all cheap.

If you need some shoes to recover from leggings-pa-looza, this weekend Crocs is offering 30% off with coupon code DEALMAP30. Shipping is free with code secondchance, and both codes stack and work in the Outlet. And if Crocs aren’t your thing, well, there’s plenty on sale at, of course.

The One-Day Sale at Macy’s is on today—try to act surprised. Heh. If you prefer something a bit less fancy, hop on over to Sierra Trading Post and use coupon code ALVOCT2KX for 20% off your order.

This is kind of cool: Buy $30+ worth of LEGO from Meijer, and they’ll throw in a very cool lego big/playmat ($13 value) for free. Looks like the Lego is shipping for free, too. (Free item appears in your cart with qualifying purchase. Like magic.)

That should keep you busy for a little bit, and later we shall have this week’s winners and I’ll see if maybe we need to have a weekend contest. Depends on how much coffee I have, probably.


  1. I love that amazon suggested a $230 ipod touch (“newest model”!) when I selected for age 5 to 7.

  2. For over a decade I’ve been buying Wally-World’s stretch “jeans” for fat ladies . . I’m not sure that I see any difference between them and “jeggings”, except for my lack of fake printed-on pockets. Reminds me of how I never heard the term “mullet” applied to that special 80s hair until well after the 80s.

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