Ignore the technical difficulties

By Mir
October 25, 2010

It seems that the Target Daily Deals are doing that thing, again, where the main page doesn’t show a markdown. So it says they have trench coats, originally $49.99, for… $49.99. Ignore that! It’s not true. If you add one to your cart, it’s a cool $20. And they come in a rainbow of colors, so I’m trying to decide which color I need right now. (I’m thinking gray. It’s my new favorite neutral.) (I’m lying. I’m thinking I need two; one in gray and maybe… the red?)

Reviews are mixed, but really, for $20? I’ll chance it.

Here, make it even better—try coupon code C4XLD4LP for an additional 10% off.

Now that’s a great way to start the week.


  1. Nice! And I didn’t even need a trenchcoat. Well, obviously, I did. So thanks for that!

  2. Hooray for Christmas shopping! Except I’m almost done. Even with wrapping. Sadface.

    Also, looks like the Target site has fixed the price glitch – the price showed up as $20.

  3. Thanks, Mir! I didn’t need another coat, but for $18, how can you pass it up?

  4. Thanks, just ordered one. At that price I can easily justify having a coat that I would only wear once or twice a year but really need on those specific occasions.

  5. Too bad they don’t have one in Pink. I would totally buy it for my Daughter in Law to go along with the pink rain boots I bought her last week.

  6. I’m having it sent to my mom’s in FL. Now I’ll have a coat there too.

  7. I’m torn between the small and extra small. Anyone have any ideas about the sizing?

  8. NO WAY! I’ve been looking for a coat just like this for a year. And for $20! Kisses!

  9. Do the Daily Deals always get free shipping or was that an added feature of the discount code? I am so thrilled!

  10. I got an email today saying:

    “Thank you for shopping at Target.com.

    Unfortunately, the following item is not currently available from
    any of our sources.

    Mossimo® Contemporary Long Trench Coat – Black L
    Mossimo® Contemporary Long Trench Coat – Black XL

    We have cancelled this item from your order and can’t say for sure
    if it might be back in stock. If you are still interested please
    check back every once in a while to see if it’s available. ”

    Arrrgh! I was really wanting those coats!

  11. I got the same email from Target, but when I checked the website this morning, I found the coat in stock! I called and after arguing for quite a while (and getting disconnected twice), I got them to honor the price of the coat, the 10% discount, and the free shipping. This sounds like a crock of you know what to me!

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