The soothing balm of shoes

By Mir
October 28, 2010

I may have to drown my sorrows over the scooter thing with some new shoes. Wah. Right now you can pick your savings at; either use coupon code EMLHALLOWEEN10 for 20% off your order, or use coupon code EMLFALLEXTRA10 for $5 off one item, $15 off 2, and $25 off 3.

They don’t sell scooters, but they do have a bunch of other stuff. (Related: I apparently have excellent taste. I walked into TJ Maxx over the weekend and managed to make the very first thing I picked up be a Dolce and Gabbana belt which was—at the reduced TJX price—$170. Just now I went to look at belts at Shoebuy and my first random pick was $150. What is it with me and belts?)

1 Comment

  1. For a BELT? gah.

    Honey, at that price, I’ll follow Jethro and tie a rope around me.

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