Hit the Fair, Wii style

By Mir
November 1, 2010
Category Contests

Now that you’re warmed up and ready to win, I’ve got a little something for you.

Looking for an authentic Fair experience, minus the crowds and the funnel cakes? (Wait, why wouldn’t you want the funnel cakes?!?) It turns out that 2K Play is on it. Sure, there was a Carnival Games Wii game before, but now there’s New Carnival Games, the latest and greatest way to experience all the fun a carnival has to offer your wiimotes.

And of course, I have a copy sitting right here, ready to send to one lucky Want Not reader.

Want to win it? Of course you do! First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, November 4th, 2010 for a chance to win. Winner to be determined by random number generation and ability to toss a ring over the neck of an old-fashioned Coke bottle.

Ready? Go!


  1. I throw a mean ring-toss game. 😉

  2. Sounds great!!!

  3. I think I might miss the funnel cakes, but I would still love to win. We can always use more Wii games. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. New Carnival Games? My grandchildren would have a lot of fun with this. Thank you!

  5. I would love this!

  6. Wow! Won’t this be fun for Christmas!!! Thanks!
    Tammy from NC

  7. My kids would love this — especially if it comes with elephant ears.

  8. Please oh please oh please. I need another wii game for the girls to fight over. 🙂 (And for me to play when they finally go to sleep and let me have a turn. Ahem.)

    Thanks for the contest!

  9. OOh…a game the whole family can play. Count me in!

  10. This sounds fun!

  11. Ooh, we really like the prior Carnival Games. Sign me up!

  12. Why yes, I would like to take advantage of this amazing once-in-a-lifetime offer. Thanks!

  13. My boys would love this!

  14. Would love to play this with the family!

  15. This sounds fun for my boys who love the fair!!

  16. Fascinating!

  17. Terrible aim, here, but thankful for random.org. And thank you for the chance!

  18. looks like fun and a great christmas gift!

  19. This would be terrific!!!

  20. Not any good at real life ring toss, but who knows on the Wii?

  21. Does a nice warm funnel cake come with?

  22. My daughter would love this! The games are her favorite part of the fair.

  23. My kids have been wanting this one!

  24. How fun!

  25. Would love a new game!

  26. Yay!

  27. Awesome….hope I win!!!

  28. I was already eyeing this for a Christmas addition. Free would rock so very much!

  29. This game looks awesome!

  30. This would be so much fun to play.

  31. This would really be fun for family game night 🙂

  32. Looks like fun & free is good.

  33. This is what my daughter is going to ask “Santa” for. How awesome if I could win it 🙂

  34. My son would love this!

  35. Yay! A giveaway! 🙂

  36. Would be an awesome Christmas gift – and we’ll have fruitcake so won’t even miss the funnel cakes (not).

  37. Ooh, yes please!

  38. Ohh, this would be wonderful! Although I’m up with everyone else, going to need a fryer for funnel cake…

  39. Carnival Games!!!

  40. After a year my husband has realized the wii is fun. This would help!

  41. Would make an awesome christmas gift!

  42. Yes, please.

  43. would love it!! Pleeeeeeeease!!

  44. You just might be helping me get my Christmas shopping done!

  45. Ooh! Sounds like something my hubby and I could actually play together!

  46. Here’s hoping!! 😀

  47. Just need some of that healthy cotton candy to go with it!!

  48. Love the old Carnival games – bet this one is even better!!!

  49. It seems my kids can’t get enough Wii games… and I would LOVE to be able to cross something off of my Christmas list! 🙂

  50. My kids would love this!

  51. Love funnel cakes, but this will get me through the Maine winter until I can actually have funnel cakes again. 🙂

  52. this would be fun!

  53. My family would love a copy!

  54. Cool – sounds like lots of fun. I would miss the funnel cakes, but I would miss the chocolate-covered bacon even more!

  55. We Wii @ work! we need some new rehab games!

  56. I could definitely use a change of pace from Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. Now featured in my living room 8 nights a week!

  57. I think all three of my kids would enjoy that!

  58. This is really sad, but Carnival Games is one of my favorite things to play on the Wii. I would LOVE to win this!

  59. My aim is so terrible I never even try the ring toss games (that and I’m cheap). But I like to drink Coke out of the old-fashioned bottles. Does that count?

  60. My kids would have a ball with this. Thanks!

  61. This would make a great birthday gift for my 10 year old! He loves these games.

  62. I’m still looking for an excuse to buy my kids a Wii… if I win this then I HAVE to buy a Wii…right?! 😉

  63. What a great holiday gift! Thanks

  64. Free is a good price for a carnival.

  65. We would LOVE this! Thanks!

  66. Wii games are on my son’s Christmas list!

  67. We would love that!

  68. I’m dreaming of a Wii Christmas … just like the kind we’ve never known … where a new game glistens … and children listen … and no one fights over wii-motes …

  69. this would be great!!!!

  70. Oooh, we might get a wii for xmas! thanks – jessica

  71. That sounds like great family fun!

  72. Thank you!

  73. My daughter loves teh first one…would love to put this away for Christmas!

  74. Any new Wii games are GREAT. They keep us busy and entertained when it’s cold outside.

  75. Sounds like something the preschooler might be able to do… (unlike the ski jump, where the balance board doesn’t seem to notice her jump attempts and just turns her into a snowman over and over again!)

  76. I’m in!

  77. A new Wii game sounds lovely!

  78. Sounds like great fun!

  79. Thanks, Mir! This is even better than a fish in a plastic baggie!

  80. Ring toss…count me in! Would love to win this for our family. Santa always brings a new game for us to play on Christmas day!!

  81. Could be more Christmas fun for the family time!

  82. WE need a new wii game!

  83. Aw yeah, baby… that would help whittle down the ol’ Christmas shopping list! Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. Ooooh…. A Wii game we actually don’t own! This would be awesome.

  85. That would be awesome… and one Christmas gift checked off the list! 😉

  86. This is the first time I’ve missed the state fair in 15 years. Would live to play the game.

  87. We love Wii!

  88. This would be great for Christmas!

  89. This would be a great under the tree gift : )

  90. Would love a new Wii game!

  91. I want to win! And, just so you know, I rocked the ring toss enough that my parents banned me from ever bringing goldfish home in a bag!

  92. So fun! Thanks Mir 🙂

  93. Oooooh, thanks for the opportunity!

  94. This would be awesome!

  95. I went to the mall today. There was CHRISTMAS music. Obviously, I panicked as I haven’t bought anything and the Christmas Music of Doom was there to remind me that I will have ruined every holiday memory my children ever have if I don’t get on the ball and do some shopping. But I don’t feeeeel like shopping so I am counting this as “trying” to get Christmas ready.

  96. Woo to the hoo! Although, please tell me they don’t have the “guess your weight” Carnie.

  97. Love the sights and sounds of the county/state fair including the animals!

  98. Sounds great – count me in!

  99. We heart carnival games – thanks!

  100. oh we would love this at my house! Please pick me!!!

  101. This sounds like fun.

  102. I love carnival games! Er, I mean my kids love carnival games!!

  103. I would love to win–thanks Mir!

  104. Awesome for the wii that will be hiding under the tree.

  105. It would be a carnival Christmas vacation if this was under our tree on Christmas morning. Thanks.

    -Just have to say that #68 has a great comment. Made me chuckle.

  106. We can always use more wii!

  107. There’s a Wii in my house & this is the only way I want to go to the Fair.

  108. I’m finally breaking down and getting the kids a Wii for Christmas so this would be a great gift for them!

  109. wii’d love it if wii won!!

  110. This would be the perfect indoor activity for the coming snowy months and visiting family from overseas! Please pick me, pretty random number generator.

  111. I know a couple of kids who would get a kick out of this 🙂

  112. Love skeeball on current game. Would like to see some new games! Thanks for the great giveaways.

  113. My kids would love a new wii game

  114. Dear beautiful and wonderful Mir. Please let the random number generator thingy pick me!!

  115. We love the original Carnival Games; the new version is sure to be a hit with the kids!

  116. This would make an awesome Christmas gift! Thanks 🙂

  117. wheee! wii!

  118. sounds good, it’d be nice to win something for under the tree!

  119. You are so generous!! My family would love it!

  120. Not sure what you mean for a web site – I dont have one. I hope that doesn’t disqualify me.

  121. You’re so pretty! We would LOVE it.

  122. But, if I win, can I have funnel cake anyway?

  123. My mother-in-law loves the original Wii Carnival, so I am certain she will like this one too.

  124. What a great prize! We would love to go to the carnival, especially a peanut free one! As we are peanut allergic!

  125. This would be a great gift for the grandson. Thanks, Mir.

  126. Ooooh – my girl would love that – and since she just got shots today (3 of them, sniffle) and her birthday is tomorrow that should mean it’s an automatic win right – pretty please

  127. Me me me!

  128. I LOVE carnival games (although I am quite horrible at playing them IRL)!

  129. It being November already, I just realized we’re way behind on our Christmas shopping! This would help!

    In other news, you’re so pretty.

  130. I’d love to win!

  131. I want to be a winner!

  132. Wheeeeeeeeee!!!

  133. If we win, I’ll even make funnel cakes for the kids to eat while they play.

  134. Looks great! Thanks!!!

  135. Count me in!

  136. Please pick me!

  137. This would be a fabulous aid in getting through our long Connecticut winter!

  138. Kids would love this!

  139. sweet! does it come with a fried snickers?

  140. oh I would like to have this!

  141. Much better than a goldfish or a life size Snoopy!

  142. Wii would love this! (sorry)

  143. Carnival games, only with no dentally-challenged carnies! Yay!

  144. Awesome!

  145. would looooove it

  146. Excellent! Great for a long, cold winter.

  147. This sounds really fun!

  148. All the fun without the Carni surliness OR the kids cracked out on sugar. This will be best Christmas EVER!

  149. My kids would love this. Not to mention it would be something new to argue and fight about.

  150. As the kids would say, “I neeeeed this!” They’d love it.

  151. These games look like a lot of fun!

  152. My niece’s birthday is in 2 weeks and she would love this for a gift!

  153. always in the mood for a new Wii game, even if I stink at the ring toss

  154. This would make a great Christmas present. Thanks for the opportunity.

  155. Love the Wii, love Wii games!

  156. I miss the County Fair! In the town I grew up in, it was a huge event every year. Now where I live, there isn’t one. 🙁 It’s sad.

  157. We thought the first one was fun, this would be a great Christmas gift!

  158. If my 3 and 4 yr old can play it this would be great! I am on the hunt for Wii games for them.

  159. My younger son loves the original, so I know he’d love the new one!

  160. In the spirit of the carnival…. “Come on……… RANDOM!”

  161. ooh ooh me me!!!!

  162. We NEVER play carnival games — too expensive. But free over and over is within our budget!

  163. Please 🙂

  164. OH FUN! That would be great for Family Game Night!

  165. Hoping the Random Number Generator has my number this time!

  166. ohhhh! likee likee!

  167. It would only be “fair” for me to win.

  168. We would love some Carnival games here! Thanks!

  169. I want to win!!!!

  170. I could always use a new Wii game. Especially since I never buy them for myself.

  171. We love the first Carnival Games… would love to win the new one!!! Thanks MIr!

  172. Could use some Merry Christmas stock here!

  173. Come on Lady Luck – be on my side!

  174. I love a carnival!

  175. My hubby and kids would love this!

  176. This looks like such a fun game to add to our Wii collection 🙂

  177. Pick me!

  178. Oh yeah! This sounds like a ton of fun!
    Thanks, Mir.

  179. We’ve been looking at buying this game!

  180. Sounds great!

  181. Just bought our first wii game since buying the wii months ago. We are in desperate need of more! Thanks for the chance to win!

  182. My kids have already bugged me for this as a Christmas present…imagine if I could actually WIN it for them! Thanks Mir! 🙂

  183. Yay!

  184. Sounds awesome!

  185. Would certainly be a big hit at my house!

  186. This looks like fun. Too bad about the funnel cakes, though. 🙂

  187. I’ve been looking at this game. It would be awesome to win it. Thanks!

  188. This would make a great Christmas gift for my nieces!

  189. Oh boy a wii game for my family to fight, um I mean bond over…
    Hope we’re lucky!

  190. Free family fun! what could be better than that?

  191. Oh man, this doesn’t bode well. I stink at the ring toss games. 🙁 I do great at the ball in the fish bowls, though!

  192. This will make for some happy campers this Christmas!!

  193. My boys would love this!

  194. My kids loved the first one, so I know this would be a big hit!

  195. I have the old one but this new one sounds fun.

  196. I have yet to have ever won a prize here, so it’s about time!! 🙂

  197. My son has been wanting this since he first saw an ad for it.

  198. My 10 year old son recently told me we need this. I told him we have Carnival Games. NO, MOM! *NEW* CARNIVAL GAMES!!!! This would make him very, very happy.

  199. My grandson would love it!!

  200. What a great family-building activity!! Thanks!

  201. i would be the coolest lady with this

  202. Ummm…. fair food. This would be cool too! Thanks for running these contests!

  203. Water guns, clown faces & baloons…..Pick me…

  204. This would be such an awesome Christmas present!

  205. I don’t know if I can do the Coke bottle thing, but I want to win anyway!

  206. Sounds like fun…once when I was 10 I tossed a Hula-Hoop over a big bear and won an even bigger bear, but the coke bottles were always too hard!

  207. I actually won a huge bear when I was much younger (maybe 8) by tossing a ring over a bottle! Hope that earns me points with the RNG!

  208. We love Carnival Games!

  209. yay! this would be a blast!

  210. My husband would love this.

  211. Those goldfish never live, but I want to win anyway!

  212. Wiiiiiiii!!

  213. Please?

  214. Whhheeeeeeeee! I mean, Wiiiiiiiii!

  215. Since I am too cheap to let my kids play the real carnival games I guess the Wii version will have to do! Thanks!

  216. Ooooooo….. we’d love it!

  217. We could use a new game to kick start the use of our Wii.

  218. This sounds like fun!

  219. Thanks, Mir!

  220. me – pretty please! with sugar on top?

  221. Definitely could use this with the cold months coming up!

  222. It would be a wonderful gift to GIVE – as we don’t have a wii 😀

    Thanks for the chance!!

  223. We don’t have a wii… but I heard we’re getting one for Christmas…

  224. me me me! I miss getting it on the coke bottle everytime though:)!

  225. my kids would love it, I think I would tooooooooooooooooooooo!!

  226. Ooo ooo ooo!!! I would LOVE to have this for under the Christmas tree! (Or, heck, maybe just for some pre-Christmas fun!!)

  227. I love fair games!!!! Pick me!!!

  228. This would be great! I could always whip up a batch of homemade (and delicious!) funnel cakes. Got a Wii for Christmas last year and still haven’t bought any new games! THANKS for a great contest!

  229. Sounds great!

  230. This would be so awesome! We have been wanting to buy Carnival Games for our Wii- but somehow our money keeps getting spent on things like toddler sneakers and Pirate’s Booty.

  231. The original has worn out its fun-ness so the new one would be great to have!

  232. WOULD be wonderful for my 8 yr old and ME! 🙂

  233. This would be great for our whole family!!!

  234. Here’s hoping!

  235. does it come with carnival food? I would be all over that!

  236. Would love this!

  237. This would be great!

  238. We would love this at our house!

  239. Looks fun! But now I’m hungry for mini-donuts.

  240. What a fun family game! We would have so much fun playing this!

  241. I win a huge, stuffed elephant once…had to carry it ALL DAY LOOOOONG!!!

  242. Carnival is our favorite game. I didn’t know there was a NEW Carnival!!

  243. Here’s hoping! We only have one game for our wii. We’d love another just in time for Christmas! 🙂

  244. Carnival games? The kids would love that!

  245. My kids love the ds version of this game.

  246. Awesome, sounds like fun!

  247. I was always better at the frog toss game… 😉

  248. Sounds like fun!

  249. We love the Wii!

  250. No funnel cakes? no corn dogs? How about the krispy kreme hamburger (donuts=bun)?

    Thank Mir..you are pretty !!!

  251. MN has a great state fair and I loved the original game – me please!

  252. It’s a beautiful time for carnival games!

  253. Looks like a great game for Wii – thanks!

  254. I could use a little Carnival fun in my life!

  255. I love the carnival games.

  256. My girls would love this!

  257. We would have a blast with this!

  258. Wiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

  259. My son would love to find this under the tree Christmas morning!

  260. Sounds great! When we went to the real carnival, we dropped over $50 just on rides! 🙂

  261. My whole family would LOVE! this!

  262. more fun for all the grandchildren!!

  263. My kids would love this, but my husband would prefer it be accompanied by actual funnel cake;)

  264. Wii would love to win the game! (Groan worthy pun? check!)

  265. Pick me please!

  266. Very cool!

  267. I think I need this one!

  268. Sounds fun

  269. Sounds like loads of fun!

  270. Please and thank you!

  271. Me, me!!! Thank you!

  272. This would be a GREAT Christmas present!!

  273. I’m confused if this contest ends today…Wednesday or tomorrow the 4th…but I hope to win either way

  274. Please pick me, random number generator.

  275. hope i win

  276. Love wii games!

  277. my 4 year old loves the carnival game, so the new one is probably just as fun.

  278. Who doesn’t love a carnival??

  279. THIS would make a great Christmas gift AND you’d be called Santa at my house if I won… How’s that sound, random number generator?

  280. I need all the free wii we can get!

  281. Thanks for all you do! Love your site~!

  282. Just got a Wii last week. DH has a stressful job, and we’ve loved the bit of levity and fun it’s brought to our household – can’t wait to increase our games! 🙂

  283. I’m late to the party, but I’ll try anyway!

  284. Oooh, we love the original carnival games – this would be a great Christmas surprise! Count me in please!!!

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