I’m a super (video game) freak

By Mir
November 2, 2010

Will it be a very Wii holiday season at your house? (Or other video game console of your choice? I’m told “real gamers” prefer PS3 and Xbox, but I mostly like to play Mario Kart, as you know….)

Two great options for you at Amazon this morning, my pretties:

1) Check out the pages and pages of buy two video games, get one free currently available. If you plan to buy at least three games, this may be an excellent way to do it!

2) Today’s Video Game Deal of the Day is Rabbids Go Home for just $12. I’m a fool for the Raving Rabbids games; they’re fun for the whole family (10+, that is) and delightfully ridiculous. In other words, they are full of win.

And yes, before you ask—I am a 12-year-old boy on the inside. I’m okay with that.

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  1. thanks – the Rabbids look like a good gift for a nephew that I don’t know what to get!

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