Hit the Trading Post

By Mir
November 4, 2010

It’s been a while since I peeked over at Sierra Trading Post, and as usual, I’m always delighted by what I find there. (I don’t know why I forget about them so often. Maybe because they carry all kinds of winter gear and I like to live in a world of denial where it’s perpetually 80 degrees…?)

Anyway, they’ve got two new coupons for this month, too. You can use coupon code ALVNOV2KX for 20% off any order, or—if you spend $125+—use coupon code ALNOV2KX for 25% off, instead. Those are savings you can take on top of their already ridiculously low prices, so the end result is great stuff for very little dough.

Even if it is something you’ll need when it’s snowing. Hmph.


  1. I love STP. In fact, I purchased most of what I wore on our honeymoon in Costa Rica there (sundresses, shorts, tanks), proving that they don’t just provide snowy weather gear. 🙂

  2. I don’t order from them often, but when I do it’s usually a doozy. I’m presently awaiting an order. It’s great to be registered with them, always good coupon codes. I ended up with 35% off AND free shipping. For $40 I got some teva flip flops for myself, bogs water shoes for my daughter, rafters flip flops for my daughter and acorn slippers for my son. Averaged out to $10/pr for some great brands that would normally be at least double that!

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