Have you ordered your cards yet?

By Mir
November 10, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Friends, I am living in denial. That denial tells me that I have plenty of time before the holidays, and surely this year I will manage to send out holiday cards in plenty of time. Yes. Sure. I’m totally on top of it. I’ll do it tomorrow. Or the next day. For sure.

Anyway, you are probably lots more organized than I am, so you should go on over to check out Vistaprint’s holiday cards and take advantage of their current photo card special—half off and free shipping. The early bird gets the discounted worm, you know.

Plus, then you can feel all superior, later, when you have your cards and I’m still trying to figure out where I put my glasses. (They were here a minute ago….)


  1. Check on top of your head. That’s where I leave mine all the time!

    Cards. Yeah. Wanna do that this year, although they may be St. Patrick’s Day cards again 🙂

  2. Can I feel superior now? I have my cards, return labels, and holiday stamps. Now I just have to actually address them! 🙂

  3. I did my dad and mom’s for them a few days ago with exactly that deal. mine? maybe in a month! lol

  4. Have the cards – need to get the stamps. I’ve never been this early or organized before in my life.

  5. Shutterfly’s are easily 2x as much.

  6. For an order less than $50 they charge 10.38 for 14 day shipping. For economy shipping, 6.00 for 21 day delivery. Sure wish I’d known that before spending the time to create my card.

  7. As soon as I can get two urchins to look into the camera at the same time. So, never.

  8. Last year, right after Thanksgiving, I paid $6.xx for 50 photo cards. I’m waiting on that deal again!

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