Healthy—if twisted—kids

By Mir
November 11, 2010

Look; I don’t pretend to understand character vitamins for children. I guess the idea is that it makes them more palatable, yes? I am just a wee bit disturbed by the message it might send. (“Here, honey—just eat this character you love and it will keep you healthy. Sorry, Barney!”)

Regardless, we all do what we have to do to keep our kids healthy, right? Today if you check out the Disney vitamins at, they’re buy one, get one free. Many of them also have an e-coupon available (though I think that will only apply to one), so between the two coupons you could stock up at a pretty good price. (I am slightly link impaired. That link includes Flintstones vitamins as well, which have the $1 off coupon but are not buy 1, get one.)

But I kind of want to be there when you’re explaining to the kids why it’s okay to eat princesses.


  1. Hoping this was going to be for Clif fruit twists! Kids love those but hoo-boy, are they expensive!

  2. I was guessing the Clif fruit twists, too, HAK!

  3. HAHAHA! I often get the BOGO for Disney vitamins at our local grocery and it’s ALWAYS the princesses that are left. I have definitely had the “awww, you can eat a princess – think of all the cars and dinosaurs your sister has eaten” conversation with my son. 🙂

  4. I got a *great* deal on a car seat from their sister site Thanks for being my shopping hero!

  5. Heh. My daughter takes the Disney princess gummies, and I was imagining momma’s version: Viggo Mortensen, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, etc. Of course, now that seems very perverted.

  6. Aww, all the Disney vitamins are out of stock now. And my kids are almost out of their vitamins, so I need some…

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