I missed you! I brought you a present!

By Mir
November 14, 2010
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Darlings! Thanks for your patience while I filled up my brain in Chicago. As always, two days away means I’m now a scant three weeks behind on work, so that’s going to be fun for the foreseeable future. Ha!

Anyway, I will pick our Bigfoot winner a bit later today, but first, I have a quickie contest for those of you who are—like me—absolute fools for any Sabuda pop-up books. Today I’m giving away Robert Sabuda’s Beauty and the Beast, rendered in stunningly intricate pop-up gorgeousness, ready to be a special holiday gift or keepsake for your favorite little reader.

Want to win it? Of course you do! First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Monday, November 15th, 2010 to enter. I’ll select a winner via random number generation, and then we can all sing “Be Our Guest” together. Or not. I just thought that would be entertaining.

Ready? Go!


  1. what a sweet Christmas gift!

  2. me me me me! My princess would triple heart love this! MISSED YOU TOOOOOOO 🙂

  3. ooooo! I would love that!

  4. love it! thanks! and good luck with catch up!

  5. Looks beautiful 🙂

  6. Awww no need to apologize! We love ya no matter what!!!

  7. My little girl would enjoy this book. Thank you for always having fun giveaways!!!

  8. My twins would love this.

  9. My daughter would love this for Christmas.

  10. My dd would love this! We got her Beauty & the Beast for Christmas so this would pair up great with it! <3

  11. I know a special little girl that would love this book!

  12. I would love this for my niece!

  13. Nice gift!

  14. I love Sabuda. And Mir! She’s pretty!

  15. Wow…bet it’s lovely! My fingers are crossed!

  16. What a lovely gift this would be for my niece!

  17. I love Robert Sabuda and have a princess loving niece who would love this book!

  18. I LOVE his books! I have several of them and they make great gifts.

  19. My 3yo-obessed-with-princesses daughter would love this!

  20. Hope you had a good trip.

  21. Oh, my daughter would LOVE to have this! What a wonderful keepsake!

  22. Welcome back!! Can’t wait for you to share all the neat stuff you learned!!

  23. My 3 year old daughter would love this! Welcome back

  24. I love Sabuda’s books!

  25. Oooh! Looks lovely!

  26. Welcome home!

  27. How awesome are pop-up books?!

  28. Ooh, our neighbor would love this! beautiful…

  29. Ooooooh my grand girl would love this…

  30. these books are awesome!

  31. i love pop up books. do I have to give it to the kids?

  32. Love it! Thanks.

  33. I LOVE Robert Sabuda pop ups. Pick me!

  34. Looks lovely!

  35. I love his pop-up books! I only have his Chronicles of Narnia, but my father-in-law has an entire shelf of his books. This would be fantastic!

  36. I would love a copy of this book 🙂

  37. Oooh, this would be great for my niece!

  38. Ooh… Thanks for hosting another awesome giveaway!

  39. Perfect for my daughter! Thanks, Mir!!

  40. I just ordered the DVD for my daughter for Christmas – this would be the perfect complement!

  41. So fun!! My kids would love it!! Thanks for the chance!! 🙂

  42. Love them pop-ups!

  43. LOVE Robert Sabuda!

  44. We would love it!

  45. I would love to give this to my niece for Christmas!~ welcome back 🙂

  46. Love there books!!

  47. Would Love this! Thank you for offering to everyone!

  48. I like (and totally get) your math on that one. Pop-up books are the greatest around here….

  49. Ooh these are my moms favorites!

  50. I would so love to have this for my Grandaughter Nicole.

  51. Ms. Rachael would adore this! Thanks pretty! Hope you enjoyed Chicago and found something good to eat! 🙂

  52. Oh, would love this for our princess.

  53. My granddaughter would adore this 🙂 Thanks Mir.

  54. I love popup books!

  55. Perfect for a Christmas gift!

  56. Perfect for my little girls! Thanks, Mir! Glad you had a good trip!

  57. My daughter would love this book- pick me!!!

  58. My mom would LOVE this.

  59. Yes, please!

  60. Beauty and the Beast is my daughter’s favorite!!

  61. I want this for me, not my kids!

  62. My little princesses would love this!!!!

  63. i wanna win it for my little beauty!

  64. beautiful!!!!! thanks!

  65. ooooooo pick me!

  66. What a beautiful book. Thanks and welcome back!

  67. We love these books!

  68. My daughter would love to have this book. I hope I win! Thank you!

  69. ooh, these are the coolest pop-up books

  70. I would love to be able to give that to my daughter for Christmas!

  71. Perfect Christmas present!

  72. great gift!!!

  73. I really wish my oldest niece were younger, as she’d have loved this book. My younger niece is too young, but perhaps we could put it away until she’s older and then give it to her, because it is too beautiful to pass up. 😀

  74. We are suckers for all things books!

  75. My daughter would think I was cooler than Santa if I was able to give her this gift!!!

  76. Please!

  77. Yes, please! And thank you:)

  78. i prefer “nooooooo one HITS like gaston, no one SPITS ike gaston . . .”, but anyway, i’d like the book. um, for my kids. yeah.

  79. This is a great giveaway…we have an Alice in Wonderland and it is fantastic. My kids like to look through and ooh and ahh…I’m mean and only let me turn the pages though!

  80. Perfect for my sweet baby girl!

  81. That would be a great Christmas present for my little angel.

  82. Books are always a favorite around here, especially pretty ones!

  83. Yes, yes. Books, holidays… perfect pairing.

  84. WAANNT! NEEEED! So beautiful!!

  85. Pretty, thank you!

  86. Gotta throw my name in here. My niece would adore this.

  87. I love his books! Works of art.

  88. Just realized that my daughter doesn’t know who Belle is – we just got out her winter hat and she knows Cinderella and Snow White, but not that girl in yellow. Guess I need to get out my Beauty VHS… Thanks for the chance!

  89. Mm, yes please and I’m not even going to pretend that I’m giving it away.

  90. I have two princesses who would love this!

  91. My daughter would <3 this !!!

  92. How cute. Thanks for the chance and the great giveaways.

  93. Welcome back! Is it bad I want to keep it away from the kids and just for me?

  94. Pop-up books are a great read for Grandma and Granddaughter!

  95. i love pop-up books more than the children!

  96. Glad you’re back!! I would love to win this for my goddaughter!! THANKS for the chance!

  97. Thank you!

  98. my daughter would love this!

  99. My daughter loves this story!

  100. You know my two princesses would adore getting this book for Christmas. Also, you are very pretty and I’m glad you’re “back.”

  101. My daughter just played Chip in her school play — this would be a cool gift for her!

  102. Would love this! Thanks!

  103. My kids have the Wizard of Oz pop-up book from Sabuda and LOVE it! This would make an excellent Christmas gift. 😉

  104. My daughter would adore this!!

  105. love Sabuda!! love pop-ups!

  106. My princess would love this!

  107. Oh, random number generator. Monday, November 15th is my birthday… surely that means I deserve a chance at this awesome prize???!!!

  108. Tie your napkin round your neck, Cherie, and then pick me.

  109. Woo hoo!

  110. Oh! Welcome back Mir.
    We missed you!

  111. Thanks, Mir!

  112. Beautiful gift!

  113. We’re always looking for good books!

  114. One book for ‘supervised observances’ only! At least for a few more years.

  115. There is no age restriction on dreaming of being a princess.

  116. My daughter is almost three and *loves* any princess story. What a great book!

  117. I sympathize with your feeling of behindness. I have felt like I’ve been behind the 8 ball for the last month!

  118. My granddaughters would love this!

  119. My daughter was in her high school performance of Beauty and Beast, what a special meaning this wonderful book would have for her!

  120. I would love to win this.

  121. Pink puffy heart, pretty Mir.

  122. I’m a sucker for a pop-up book. Or any book, really. Thanks!

  123. These look terrific!

  124. What a lovely book. Pretty enough for girls, young and old.

  125. I would love this for my little girls!

  126. Oh, please, random number generator, pick me. Mir you are so pretty for offering this!

  127. My daughter is a second child so all of her books are for boys. She could use a little ‘girl’ in her life.

  128. Beautiful!

  129. Love Robert Sabuda!!

  130. My grand-daughter would sooooooo love this book!

  131. Thanks!

  132. So fun!!

  133. I would love to share that with my niece!

  134. I would love it for ME!

  135. Ooooo, what a great give-away! I <3 Robert Sabuda!

  136. I’d love this for my daughter!

  137. We love books. 🙂

  138. We collect pop ups, it would be quite happy next to the others on our shelf.

  139. enter me!

  140. Ooh, me please! Great Christmas present!

  141. Ohhh! Pick me, pick me! (thanks)

  142. My daughter would LOVE this.

  143. We love Sabuda pop-ups!

  144. My daughters would love this!

  145. Sweet!

  146. What a perfect gift for someone special-ahem-me!!!

  147. What a beautiful book!

  148. Gorgeous!

  149. Oh, my five year old would love that!

  150. My girls would love this pretty, pretty book!

  151. cute!

  152. My 3-year-old would swoon with joy.

  153. My 4 year old princess would love this!

  154. oh, I just love Sabuda books!!

  155. We love pop-up books at our house!!

  156. I know a little princess that would love this book.

  157. I would hope the awesomeness of the pop-ups would over-ride the lack of Disneyfication, in my daughter’s eyes. 😀

  158. Looks awesome!!

  159. What a beautiful book.

  160. Lovely book!

  161. OMG – so beautiful!

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