Bonus contest: NOVICA gifts

By Mir
November 15, 2010
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And just because it’s Monday—and just because you’re pretty—we’re actually going to have a second contest going this week along with the Windows Phone contest. Yay!

Our friends over at NOVICA are once again ready to help out with your gift-giving needs, whether it’s fair trade corporate gifts, green gifts, unique gifts, or even microfinance that you’re looking for this holiday season. This was a hugely popular giveaway the last time I ran it, so when they came knocking this time I was only too happy to take them up on their generous offer!

I’ve been given two $50 certificates to spend at NOVICA; one for me, and one for one lucky Want Not reader! To enter this contest, first go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, November 18th, 2010 for a chance to win. I’ll select the winner via random number generation and probably well before I settle on what to buy for myself, because I kind of want one of everything.

Ready? Go!


  1. Beautiful jewelry!

  2. Oh yay! sounds great!

  3. I love the Mexican glasses, to remind us of our last vacation in Mexico. Ah, Mexico…

  4. Wooo! I would love to do a little fair trade xmas shopping!

  5. Ooo fun!

  6. fab!

  7. Awesome giveaway. Pick me!

  8. Thanks again for another great opportunity.

  9. Very nice!!

  10. Loved this th last time! hope to win this time!

  11. Yes please

  12. Neato!

  13. This would help tremendously with my Christmas shopping!

  14. WOOOOOO- pick me – pick me….please!

  15. I would love this!

  16. I love their jewelry. There is a ring I would really like to get. Thanks for the giveaway.

  17. Me me! 🙂

  18. Sounds great, pick me oh random number generator!!

  19. count me in 🙂

  20. Yay christmas shopping!

  21. I’m in!

  22. Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  23. A little Christmas shopping (or pre-Christmas shopping for moi) would be great! Thanks.

  24. Wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  25. Sounds great! Happy Monday!

  26. What fun!

  27. This would be awesome!

  28. Yay, thanks Mir!

  29. I love Novica! This would put a real dent in my shopping. Thanks Mir! You’re so pretty. And you too random number generator!

  30. Beautiful things! Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. What fun for unique Christmas gifts!

  32. LOVE love love all the products they offer!

  33. I bought a purse from them, love it but need a new one. Thanks Mir!

  34. Very cool!!

  35. another great contest! thanks! =)

  36. yay
    I want one of everything too!!

  37. This would be terrific! Glad to know about Novica.

  38. Super duper contest!

  39. That would be a nice little Xmas bonus!

  40. very cool contest!

  41. Nice!

  42. Count me in!

  43. I would love this!

  44. I’m still seeking something for my In-laws for Christmas, this would be lovely!

  45. Random Generate Me Please!

  46. Yay!!! fun stuff! thanks!

  47. Good stuff! Green stuff!

  48. count me in. Thanks!

  49. Awesome!

  50. I kind of LOVE the candle holder selection. I would have a very hard time choosing.

  51. This sounds great. Pick me!

  52. Yeah! thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Love NOVICA. Pick me!

  54. yay another contest!

  55. My family loves Novica. Can always find something for those hard to buy for people on your list

  56. Hee, I’ve already been perusing that site, I’d love something from there!

  57. Thank you!

  58. Kewl stuff. And did I mention that you’re pretty?

  59. Yes, please!

  60. wahooo

  61. Thanks for the chance to win!

  62. This sounds great.

  63. Pick me! Pick me! I like pretty things.

  64. i wanna win!

  65. Oh, joy – lovely gifties for me 🙂

  66. Free Trade gifts? Awesome!

  67. Awesome!

  68. This would be great!!

  69. I want to give some free trade gifts!!!

  70. Love their stuff!

  71. Great giveaway!

  72. They have some awesome stuff over there…so hard to decide!

  73. Awesome!

  74. fair trade coffee (and so many other items) rock.
    thanks for the opportunity!! 🙂

  75. Lovely! This is a great one…

  76. Wow cool stuff!

  77. Awesome giveaway!

  78. I’m feeling lucky….

  79. What neat stuff! 🙂

  80. me! me!

  81. I’d love to win this!

  82. Me please!!!

  83. Presents for me!! Oops, did I admit that out loud? LOL!

  84. Would love to win!

  85. Me please!

  86. I like it!

  87. Count me in!

  88. Yay!!!

  89. This would help my holiday shopping budget!


  91. Sweet!!!

  92. Yay!

  93. C’mon, random number generator! Pick me!

  94. Oh Oh – I know it’s magic 94 right 🙂

  95. Love Novica!

  96. ohoh mr. cotter, mr. cotter!

  97. I am trying to do as much free trade shopping as possible.

  98. Yippee!!! I hope I win!

  99. Beautiful stuff. thanks!

  100. yes, please!

  101. I want one of everything too! Thanks Mir!

  102. Yes, please.

  103. free is the best way to save money.

  104. Fun contest! Thanks for the chance to win!

  105. yes please!

  106. Sounds like a great giveaway.

  107. I would love to win!

  108. sweet!

  109. Yes, please.

  110. Excellent! Pick me!

  111. Sounds wonderful!

  112. Beautiful stuff! Merry Christmas to me?

  113. I would love to win this!

  114. woot!

  115. Another great contest! Thanks Mir!

  116. So pretty! Pick me!

  117. How do you choose?

  118. So much beautiful stuff to choose from!!! I would love to have that dilemma! Pick me, please!

  119. fun!

  120. It all looks pretty fabulous!

  121. enter me!

  122. Yay!

  123. That would be a fun shopping spree!

  124. Fingers crossed – they have such beautiful stuff!

  125. I would love this, as it would allow me to get better presents for some of my coworkers. 🙂

  126. So many gift options! Wooo Hooo-

  127. a ring would be lovely

  128. Yay! Novica!

  129. Ooohh! Free trade + Christmas = God bless us, every one!

  130. I’m excited about a possible shopping spree

  131. Cool! Would love to go on a little shopping spree!

  132. I want one of everything too! Oh, wait. Gifts…

  133. I’ll take it!

  134. So very, very pretty.

  135. Awesome!

  136. Oh my… NOVICA is so awesome.

  137. The jewelry really is awesome…

  138. Wow, I had no idea this company was out there. Enter me, please!

  139. this would be great.

  140. This would be a great way to finish up some holiday shopping.

  141. Nice stuff!

  142. Can’t beat giving green for Christmas

  143. Cool contest! Lots of shopping to do….

  144. Ooh! So much to choose from!

  145. ooh ooh pick me, pick me (please).

  146. I’m in! thanks

  147. I’d love to be able to do some xmas shopping, this year.

    Crossing fingers.

  148. Awesome!!!

  149. What a fun give away!!!

  150. This would be prefect to help me purchase a gift for my friend who seems to have everything! Thanks for such a great contest Mir 🙂

  151. Really pretty things! Thank you!

  152. I am ready to win!!!!

  153. Perfect way to shop & share!

  154. If I am so lucky as to be randomly selected, I have my eye on a beautiful lapis anklet.

  155. I’m a huge fan of textiles and there are some beauties here!! please pick me. sweetness.

  156. O random picker machine, pick me!

  157. I love Novica. Thanks.

  158. Love love contests pretty Mir. Pick me!

  159. This would come in handy gift-wise!

  160. Would love this!

  161. Looks like a fun place to shop; please enter me!

  162. This is great 🙂 Thanks Mir!

  163. Oh! This would be perfect- as is free money any time!!

  164. Bought something for my husband from here last year. Would love a repeat!! 🙂

  165. beautiful stuff, I could browse that place for hours! thanks for another great giveaway!

  166. SO much to choose from…Pick me random number generator. HO HO HO….

  167. Love, love, love jewelry from Novica!

  168. I’ve purchased Christmas gifts from Novica before… a great spot for the hard-to-buy-for people on your Christmas list!

  169. Sounds like fun!

  170. love Novica! thanks for another cool contest!

  171. I could always use a little help when it comes to Christmas shopping!

  172. So pretty!!! I want to win!!

  173. Sounds great!

  174. Love love love Novica!

  175. Count me in! Thanks – Jessica

  176. I love Novica – the jewelry, the home decor, clothes – all of it.

  177. Thank you for the chance!

  178. Thanks! I’d love to win.

  179. You’re awesome, Mir!

  180. Looking for a little good luck!

  181. Woo hoo!

  182. Love it!

  183. I would get a frame for my family!

  184. ooh, this would be a good one!

  185. Cool! Me please!

  186. This would come in handy!

  187. Thanks!

  188. Me please!

  189. You are so, so, pretty!! And so is this contest!

  190. What could be bad? Thanks, Mir!

  191. Random generator. what do you have against me?

  192. Everything on the Novica site is gorgeous. This would definitely help with my Christmas shopping!

  193. 192 feels lucky to me!

  194. Sounds like a cool site…

  195. Would love to check this out

  196. pick me! pick me!

  197. They’ve got some very cool stuff!

  198. I see all kinds of great gifts! I hope I win, thanks for the opportunity!

  199. That would be a great place to find gifts for my nieces.

  200. I’m lovin’ all these giveaways. Thanks!

  201. Hooray for microfinance!

  202. I hope I am the lucky number! This is awesome!

  203. Love that website!

  204. Cool–thanks!

  205. I would love to win!

  206. Oh, yes please. (One day I will win one of these contests!)

  207. I’m feelin’ it this time!

  208. I would love to win! Pick me please.

  209. Lovely stuff. I love the Mexican glassware. Thanks!

  210. Random number generator please pick me.

  211. hola, just trying to enter every raffle to increase the odds of winning. 🙂

  212. I never win these things…. but I keep trying!

  213. I need to decorate my house.

  214. me please, more leftover for charity with this

  215. Thanks for a great contest. I love using free trade and try to buy at 10,000 Villages whenever I can. Wish we had one in Dallas. Love the idea of a fair wage and pray it grows and grows.

  216. I love this store. Winning would be totally kickstart my Christmas shopping. (Unless I spend it on myself….)

  217. yes, pick me plz

  218. Perfect for Christmas! THANKS!

  219. Ditto on the Christmas shopping – thanks!

  220. Wow, how wonderful!

  221. I love green!

  222. Yay!

  223. ooh, nice giveaway!

  224. I love that web site!

  225. Very nice!! That website is cool!

  226. This would be awesome!

  227. Man, I’m offline for one day and I missed 2 contests!

  228. I hope I win!

  229. Yipee!

  230. I hope I win; would love to!

  231. what a wonderful place to shop, would love to win this!

  232. I’m sure I could knock a few people off the list with this!

  233. One more gift I can check off my list Thank you

  234. Nice!

  235. Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  236. Awesome!

  237. Looooove Novica! Their leather bags are gorgeous.

  238. Great gift ideas – thanks!

  239. I could have fun shopping that site. Thanks!

  240. Shopping time is coming…..I could use some help!

  241. Oooh oooh oooh! Me Please!

  242. I just looked at their website and it looks very interesting. A gift card would be lovely.

  243. Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!
    That would be lovely.

  244. I would love to win this.

  245. Here’s hoping the random number generator loves me.

  246. I’m in! My fingers are crossed!

  247. pick me ~ pleeze pick me 🙂

  248. Wow, a popular one!

  249. love the jewelry. nice present for ME

  250. Come on RNG – Pick me!

  251. We try to buy as much fair-trade as we possibly can. This would really help a lot. Thank you!

  252. Ooooh, I hope I win! I love Novica!

  253. Would enjoy a win like this one.

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