Let’s hear it for the kids

By Mir
November 16, 2010

My quest for the perfect gray boots continues. (It does not help that this weekend I found the perfect pair. On someone else’s feet. And she reported that they came from Anthropologie, which means I’d need to sell a child to be able to afford them. Alas!) Know what’s a great idea when you can’t find the shoes you want? Buying some shoes for the kids, instead!

Today’s headline deal at 6pm.com is a kids’ shoes blowout, with prices starting at around $4/pair. This is the perfect time to stock up on the next size (or two) of sneakers, or to pick up those squeaky dress shoes they’ll need for holiday pictures.

Sadly, I’m only shopping for one. My other kid just outgrew my shoes. At least that means once I find those boots, she won’t be able to borrow them. Silver lining!


  1. TOTALLY taking all the polly walks ! love those things & GREAT prices!!

  2. Just make sure she doesn’t keep trying to borrow your shoes anyway! My buddy’s kid is still trying to borrow mom’s shoes even though her feet are now too big. Mom’s refrain, “Quit stretching out my Danskos and wear your own shoes!!”

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