No need to thank me!

By Mir
November 18, 2010

I had a small Clothing Emergency before I left for Chicago last week. You know the kind—suddenly you peer into your closet and have Nothing To Wear. I had become obsessed with finding the perfect sweater dress to take on my trip, figuring I was going to be freezing (little did I know it was warmer in Chicago than in Atlanta, that weekend).

So I searched high and low, and readers, I spent entirely too much money on a sweater dress from Boden. I found a coupon for 12% off and bit the bullet and ordered. The good news is that it’s gorgeous, was totally comfortable even for a very long day of activity (and being on the news!), and I’m sure I’ll get a ton of use out of it. The bad news is that as soon as I got back I found a coupon for 25% off and free shipping.

Well, that’s bad news for me, but good news for you. Just go through this link to Boden and you can enjoy that 25% off and free shipping through November 24th. I went ahead and reaped the spoils of Murphy’s Law in action on this one, and now you can have the savings. No, really, I don’t mind. Much.


  1. I say that coupon is a reason to buy another sweater dress so you have it for next time!

  2. I got the coupon code late last week, and thought “Oh, I hope Mir doesn’t want to strangle me.” But, totally worth it. That dress is so so pretty.

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