Big Prize Week: Day 1 (Kung Zhu)

By Mir
November 22, 2010
Category Contests

This contest post will stay at the top of the page from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Eastern on November 22nd, 2010. Read on to find out about today’s prize and enter to win!

Listen, please don’t ask me to explain this. Kung Zhu for the DS looks to me to be the “hey boys, you can love Zhu Zhu pets too, because now it involves martial arts!” game built on last year’s giant Zhu Zhu fad (which is still going strong). Regardless, this is an E10+ game for the DS which isn’t even officially being released until tomorrow, but I have a copy right here for one lucky Want Not reader.

Every contest this week will run for only twelve short hours, so make sure you don’t miss it! Simply go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 p.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 p.m. Pacific) on Monday, November 22nd, 2010 to be entered to win. Winner to be determined by random number generation, losers to be soothed by the remaining week’s worth of prizes!

Ready? Go!


  1. Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! This would make a great gift for my daughter!!

  2. My nephews would love this!

  3. What a great gift!

  4. what fun! thanks!

  5. My daughter would love one of these. She loves Martial Arts and Zhu Zhus.

  6. Good prize!

  7. How fun!

  8. Would be great for the before Christmas birthday child.

  9. Great gift for my nephew who is saving his birthday money to buy a Nintendo DS!

  10. wow…can’t believe how close to the top I am! I know Kung Zhu is targeted to boys, but both my boy AND girl will love this!!!

  11. Oh, Will would love that!

  12. Christmas is too close!

  13. I am so early on this contest I had to look and make sure I was posting on the right post!

  14. My son would LOVE this! Happy holidays!

  15. I have a nephew who would love this!

  16. My daughter’s DS seems to have become permanently attached to her hand.

  17. I feel like I’m in Vegas every time I enter a contest on here. Odds are against me, but I gotta play.

  18. I’m in!

  19. My 12yo asked for these hamsters this year. He would probably love this game.

    I still don’t understand the hamster thing though.

  20. great prize! Thanks =)

  21. I’m not THE karate mom, but I’m A karate mom, and my kid would love this, too! You rock, Mir!

  22. Thanks for the Prizapalooza! How fun!

  23. We can always use another DS game for the long car rides – thanks!

  24. Zhu Zhu me!

  25. OH, my 7 year old would LOVE this! He already has a silly fake hamster with ARMOR for goodness sakes…

  26. My son loves playing the regular Zhu Zhu DS game so this would rock his world.

  27. Let the games begin:)

  28. Ugh, I shouldn’t have won the prize a few weeks ago, then I’d be eligible this week! DARN! LOL – best of luck to everyone else, though!!

  29. I would love to give this to my daughter! Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  30. I like this Big Prize Week thing!

  31. OOOOH! This could be my nephew’s Xmas gift!!

  32. what a great gift!

  33. Cool! count me in.

  34. My niece would love this! Please!

    (and thank you!)

  35. I don’t get the hamster appeal…but my kiddo loves his DS! 🙂

  36. Love it! This Monday is looking very good.

  37. We love all things ZhuZhu at our house, my DD has their game. My son would love the Kung Zhu game!

  38. My little fella would love this.

  39. Oooohhh! So coool!

  40. Those things scare me but Bugman would LOVE the game.

  41. Me! I have a 10 year old who would love this!

  42. My son would love this.

  43. would be great to a win a gift for my nephew. . . mkw

  44. My niece would love this!

  45. Fun fun! Love to win:) and your contests are so winnable ! Just wore my new Lee jeans yesterday!

  46. Count me in! My son would love this!

  47. This game is on my daughter’s wish list this year, but I wasn’t going to buy it. It would be awesome to win it! Thaks!

  48. My kid & kittens love our Zhu Zhu pets. Too bad only the kid plays with the DS.

  49. karate zhu zhu pets and a ds game? sounds good!

  50. I bet my kid would love ths. I also bet, that I’d not love it, but his happiness is my goal, LOL.

  51. Me please!

  52. Be nice to win a gift for Christmas!

  53. I have a 10 year old who would love this for Christmas!

  54. Yeah Kung Fu Zhu.

  55. I’m sure one of my boys would love this!

  56. My 10 year old would love it

  57. My kids love their Zhu Zhu pets. I don’t get it but the heart wants what the heart wants.

  58. I have a 10 year old boy who would love this for his DS!

  59. Count me in

  60. Thanks for the awesome prize MIR! Put me on the list please!

  61. DS FUN!

  62. I have a 6 yr old boy who would love to see this under the tree! Thanks!

  63. We have Zhu Zhu mania in our house!

  64. My daughter wants this badly!! 🙂

  65. This is a PERFECT gift for the one child of mine that is short one gift compared to the others! AND he’s getting Kung Zhu pets as well!

  66. My twin boys would love it! Thanks!

  67. This would go great with the DS Im getting my daughter. Thanks!!

  68. My son would love this! He loves his DS AND Zhu Zhu pets! 🙂

  69. My son just used his birthday money to buy a DSi. He’d be very excited to win!

  70. Our nephew would get a kick out this!

  71. Cool! I know a six year old who would love this!

  72. mememememe!!! I’ll be the coolest Grandma around.

  73. This would be an awesome gift for son…especially since we’re not buying our kids gifts this year! We’re only buying for our adopted family!

  74. My boy would love this.

  75. Such a great give-away!!!

  76. My son would love this! 😉

  77. Too bad Nate is only seven.

  78. Awesome prize – thanks for the chance to win Mir 🙂

  79. Yes, please!!!

  80. Fun!

  81. sure, why not!

  82. Pick me!

  83. Let the winning begin! (right here with me) 🙂

  84. Cool – my son would love it!

  85. All 3 of my boys got the ZhuZhus from Santa last year, this year santa already bought them the Kung Zhu’s…. Would love to add the game with the pets!!!

  86. A perfect Christmas present! Thanks!

  87. My son would get a kick (pun intended) out of this one!

  88. I might even like to play this one!

  89. Electronic rodents are the best kind of rodent! My 4yr old son would love this:)

  90. This game is on my son’s wish list!! Oh I hope I win it!

  91. Oh please! I’m in the doghouse for not finding the “right” Webkinz…maybe this would redeem me…. 😉

  92. I’m in! We love all the zhu zhu’s at our place!

  93. My kiddos would love this!

  94. We’d love to have more gifts under the tree!

  95. my twins would love it!

  96. The Boy does love his “hansomers”

  97. Sign me up! This could make me a cool mom!

  98. Oh man! My daughter wants this sooooo much!

  99. Gotta have this!

  100. Great gift for my nephew!

  101. This looks like fun.

  102. My boys would LOVE this!

  103. I’d love it! Thanks! 🙂

  104. This would be great!!!

  105. Forget the boys, I have a girl who would like this.

  106. We would love a new game.

  107. You have a great job…you get to give and give and give!

    Would love the Kung Zhu for my kiddos, they never can have too many games! lol.

  108. My kids would LOVE this. Thanks, pretty Mir!

  109. Yipee Skipee!

  110. My daughter would love this game!!

  111. Oh, my son is getting a DS for Christmas and he needs some games! Yay!

  112. All 3 of my kids would enjoy this one!

  113. This would be a great gift for my daughter!

  114. Whoo hoo – what a fun week! Please pick me.

  115. Cool, thanks Pretty Mir!

  116. This will be a blast! Thanks

  117. It would be nice to have *one* gift already done. Thanks!

  118. I know nothing about zhu zhu pets or DSes, but my nieces and nephews do. Bring it on!!

  119. Would love it. =)

  120. My son loves his DS and would enjoy a new game for Christmas!

  121. This would be great for my Christmas shopping list. You always have such great give aways!

  122. Sounds fun for my boys!

  123. I have a tween who’d love this!

  124. fabulous!

  125. Count me in!

  126. sounds fun

  127. One of the girls I teach would absolutely love this!

  128. Thank you!!

  129. Both of my kids would love this! Thank you!

  130. zhu me

  131. Yay! Zhu zhu games!

  132. You are pretty. I don’t think I need to say anything else.

  133. Thanks, Mir!

  134. I would love to be your winner!

  135. My kids are still obsessed with Zhu Zhu’s and their DS’s, a perfect combination.

  136. Sounds good to me!

  137. Not a huge fan of the Zhu squared or the DS but my ten year old sure is.

  138. My nephew would love it!

  139. Granddaughter loves her DS…and hamsters!!!

  140. Thank zhu 🙂

  141. my kids would love this, thanks Mir

  142. Sounds great!

  143. What a fun gift for my Secret Santa name!

  144. We want to play in ZhuZhu land.

  145. oh, just perfect stocking surprise for 6-year-old (who also wants the Kung Zhu battle arena, etc etc)

  146. woo hoo! Thanks.

  147. oh oh pick me

  148. My son would totally love this!!!!

  149. I’m in!

  150. My daughter just met the zhu zhu pets and would lurve this.

  151. Me! Me! I mean, My Boys, My Boys! 😉

  152. My fingers are crossed!

  153. fingers crossed!

  154. Either 1 of my kids would LOVE this game!

  155. Sounds fun!

  156. woot

  157. We would love to win this!!

  158. I’m in!

  159. Would love to win!

  160. My daughter would go nuts for this!

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