Think pink, DSi style

By Mir
November 23, 2010

Been hoping for a deal on a Nintendo DS? I hope you have a girl (or an enlightened boy)—the pink Nintendo DSi is currently just $119 at Amazon.

I doubt they’ll last long, but this is a great deal if this is one of the items you’re hoping to scoop up on Friday. Knock it out today, leave yourself more time for shoe shopping later in the week. (I have priorities, clearly.)


  1. Of course I paid full price for it next week, thinking there would probably be no deal on those before Christmas. Grrrrrrrr

  2. OK, I held off when Amazon had the black one for this price. My daughter age 8 really wants one, and when I told her we couldn’t afford it for her birthday, she said she would ask Santa at Christmas. This might be one of her last years to believe, if not the last year. But she wouldn’t want black, so I didn’t get it. But pink… how could I resist? I wouldn’t have seen the deal until this afternoon (when it would have been sold out!) if it weren’t for you. Thanks, Mir!

  3. Now I have a dilema. Do I buy this one and return the white dsi(119) and pink cover(15) I bought from Target yesterday?!

  4. Ahhh, I just totally e-mailed you with this deal without checking here first to see if you already posted it. I just managed to stumble across the deal and was so pleased with myself! My son (7 yrs.) has been asking for a pink one, as pink is favorite color. I have been trying to talk him out of it (thinking he might regret it in a year or so…) but I am totally going to embrace the pink at this price!!!

  5. I wonder if Nintendo is phasing out the regular DS. I can see this not going over well in my family – 2 brothers have DS but little sis gets a DSi. Can I turn off the internet function?

  6. Decided to make the return to Target, but my decision was too late!

  7. CRAP! already gone…

  8. Colleen, my daughter has white with pink cover which is great because at 8 1/2 she is so over pink.

  9. Sherri – Nintendo will most likely be slowly phasing out/dropping the price of the current DS systems (DS/DS Lite/DSi/DSi XL, which are all part of the same “generation”) over the next several months/year, as they are set to launch their updated handheld, the 3DS, sometime in March. Wouldn’t surprise me to see some really good deals on the systems this holiday, as it’ll be their last holiday to really push sales for them (since the 3DS will most likely be the hot electronics thing next holiday season).

  10. I got in on the deal yesterday…..THANK YOU so much for posting it!!!!!

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