Want Not loves WSAZ-TV NBC!

By Mir
November 23, 2010

Many thanks going out to WSAZ’s Brad Myers for speaking with me this afternoon and using our conversation in tonight’s featured story about Black Friday shopping. I’m not sure I know anyone in Huntington, West Virginia, but now that everyone there has been directed to come shop over here, I’m feeling very kindly towards West Virginians.

Sadly, the part where I told him that the best way to get Black Friday deals was to stay at home in your pajamas, eating leftovers and reading Want Not, was cut. I forgive you, Brad.


  1. ME! That’s my town!

  2. Yep, I saw it on the evening news and got online. I perused your site, liked it, then text my sister and a friend recommending it. Thanx

  3. not from there, but that is super cool and although I will take a look at the flyers, I am inclined to stay home and shop online as well! Going to work on my list tonight…already scored some leapster games on sale plus an online coupon – 3 games for under $30 so my youngest will be happy!

  4. Hey, I know some people there as that’s where Kent hails from! Cool!

  5. Over by my neck of the woods! Cool beans.

  6. I’m actually from Huntington, WV and I found out about your site yesterday on wsaz.com ……Great information!!

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