Another 1-item code for Barnes and Noble

By Mir
November 26, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

The good news is that Barnes and Noble has another available coupon code for 30% off one item—just use P4A4N7P to get your discount.

The bad news is that (unlike the last code), this one can’t be used on LEGO, and it has some other standard exclusions as well (textbooks, video games, etc.). But it may work out as a nice combo with one of their Black Friday deals for you. For example, it makes the Harry Potter Box Set come down to about $35, which is still a good $13 cheaper than the current Amazon price.

Not that I checked, or anything. Ahem.


  1. Pretty Mir, this is not to interrupt your well deserved nap, but I thought you might want to know. I read you through a reader, and likewise subscribe to your tweets through the same reader. At 3:10, about 20 tweets came through all at the same time. Most, obviously, had been written much earlier. This is NOT a complaint, just knew that you’d had issues with them before and wanted you to know that maybe you still have issues with them? They with you? At any rate, thanks for your tremendous work today. We are so lucky to have you helping us.

  2. Thanks! This one was awesome for us. We bought The Pacific for a great price!

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