It’s a fleece frenzy

By Mir
November 27, 2010

They always do this to me; I was just shopping Children’s Place on Thanksgiving—feeling all smug, mind you, that I wasn’t waiting until Black Friday—and then what do they do today? A “fleece frenzy” event with $5 fleece tops, bottoms and accessories.

I’m only human, people. It’s not like I could turn away. (Hey, even nearly-a-teen kid can wear their hats and gloves, though I may have to cut the labels out so as not to disrupt her cred.)

Stack the coupons to make it even better: Use FSHOLIDAY for free shipping and THANKS X3CNWAJQ12A for an additional 20% off. That’s fleece goodies delivered to your door for just $4 apiece. If you’re strong enough to resist that, well, my hat is off to you.


  1. For me, it said that the “Thanks” code had expired.

  2. I just found W3C2RU7M12A and it worked for 20% off.

  3. It also told me that the Thanks code had expired. Thanks anyway!

  4. Brenda’s code worked for me – but hurry the fleece is going fast.

  5. Thanks, Mir! More shopping done from my couch in my pajamas! You rock!

  6. Score! 5 things I needed for $30 shipped. God bless the internet. God bless Mir!

  7. Ooh, thank you! I was so tempted by the Old Navy $5 fleece yesterday, but held off to see what was in-store today. However, you can’t beat $4 and free shipping, AND getting it all online while nursing the baby down for her nap! 😉

  8. Ooooh. I love it when stacking works! Stockings will be stuffed with fleecy things for the two who still fit in Children’s Place things. Why do they have to grow up…

  9. Trying to get gloves for all of my kids before they sell out is turning out to be quite the adrenaline rush! Already missed out on the blue ones for the boys. Trying to get the maroon ones now!

  10. ok this deal made my day!! 2 prs of gloves, 2 hats, 2 prs of pants for $25 delivered. nice.

  11. I like my sons. But COME ON the girls’ stuff is so much cuter! Not fair!

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