One of our favorite DS games

By Mir
November 27, 2010

I am not a big fan of the Nintendo DS, quite honestly, because I have one child who would happily play it 24 hours a day rather than do anything else. That said, there are a few games for it that I think are truly engaging, creative and educational.

One of those games is Scribblenauts, which is just $15 today at Amazon. It’s rated at nearly 5 stars with 181 ratings, so I think it’s not just me who loves it. It requires both critical thinking and creativity, and is pretty much everything you’d hope a video game could be for your kids in terms of a nice blend of skills and fun.

Granted, Scribblenauts is marked down because Super Scribblenauts is newer, has more features, and is still nearly full price, but Scribblenauts is plenty fun, too. (I asked my kids to tell me the difference, and here’s their answer: “In Super Scribblenauts you can also use adjectives. So you can make a pregnant cannibalistic man and he’ll give birth and eat his little baby man!” Ooookay….)

I am not sure I am comfortable with pregnant cannibalistic men. Maybe I’ll just stick to the original Scribblenauts.


  1. I got excited about Scribblenauts a while ago when you posted it – so my husband bought it for me for my birthday. It is certainly a blast! (and in my defense, I also recommended it to a friend for her nine year old)

    Of course, I read your kids’ quote to my husband, and now he wants the new version ….

  2. Excellent suggestion! I needed one more item for my brother and this looks perfect! Thanks pretty lady!

  3. I saw a video for Super Scribblenauts and immediately wanted it, but your kids’ comment made me want it even more just to try out that word combination.

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