Oh, hello, LOFT

By Mir
November 29, 2010

I’ve been spending today finding deals for you, and gifts for other people, but can I help it if Ann Taylor LOFT is offering 40% off and free shipping today with coupon code ENJOY and I accidentally buy a couple of things for myself?

No, I cannot. I’m only human.


  1. You are a BAD BAD influence! But I forgive you, as your shopping link to Overstock saved me $135 over the weekend. The coupon code you had was not turning up in any Google searches. You’re so pretty!

  2. stop making me shop. it’s really getting in the way of work.

  3. Mir – you’re killin’ me over here. Killin’ my wallet deader than a doornail. This morning I swore off of even looking at your site until I get paid next (what?? I JUST got paid and Black Friday/Cyber Monday sucked the dinero into its vortex)…and here it is, a WHOPPING six hours later and I’m back. But I’m only looking – I promise. Stop posting things that are so fabulous. You don’t need to feed your family.


  4. Mir,

    Thanks so much for such great contests. I just received the ds game in the mail. Super thanks! You are definitely the most prettiest =)

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