The beautifully different holiday gift

By Mir
November 29, 2010
Category Contests

So we’ve all been spending the long weekend doing some hardcore holiday shopping, and now I’m going to tell you about a great gift for nearly everyone on your list, after y’all have done all that. I feel a little mean. But really, I don’t, because I’m going to give one away.

Many of you know Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks, and if you don’t, well, you’re missing out on a lovely lady. Her first book has just come out and I love it. Love it. Am giving it to plenty of hard-to-buy-for folks on my list this year. The Beauty of Different: Observations of a Confident Misfit is a coffee-table-worthy compendium of beautiful photography, engaging stories, and just plain uplifting glimpses into the lives of ordinary people and the things that make them most human and beautiful. It’s a stunner of a book.

I’m not just giving one away, this week, but the winner can request any inscription from Karen and have it signed and personalized. The perfect gift? Absolutely. But I wouldn’t blame you one bit if you kept it for yourself.

To enter this contest, please go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post by 8:00 a.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 a.m. Pacific) on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 for an entry. Winner to be determined by random number generation, assuming last week’s contests didn’t break the random number generator altogether.

Ready? Go!


  1. Comment! YAY!

  2. sounds wonderful.

  3. Wow, I’ve never been this early in the comments! I hope I win!

  4. looks beautiful

  5. Yes please!!

  6. That would be a perfect gift for several people on my list!

  7. I love her spirit!

  8. Count me in!

  9. I have purposely not bought this book because it is on my Christmas list, but if I don’t win one or receive it for Christmas…I’m buying it on the 26th! 🙂

  10. oh sweetness.

  11. Oh, oh, pick me!

  12. Oh how lovely this would be! I love Karen’s work!!

  13. I would love to get this book!

  14. I have a friend who would love this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. I would love to share this with my sister!

  16. Thanks.

  17. How lovely.

  18. What a nice gift…for me!

  19. Lovely!

  20. Pick me!

  21. Wow, would love to have this! Thanks! 🙂

  22. A perfect present for my favorite aunt!

  23. Sounds like a fabulous book!

  24. Sounds great

  25. i’m dying to get this book!! thank God my friend is spending 4 months in the States so I can enter every contest available!

  26. Beautiful, indeed. 🙂

  27. You find the coolest things.

  28. What a lovely gift idea – thanks for the chance! Be blessed.

  29. Come on lucky number 29!!

  30. Ooooh, I have been wanting this book!

  31. I would love this as a gift for my best friend!

  32. I think this would have to stay on MY coffee table. Thanks, Mir!

  33. As I have a daughter with Down syndrome, this would be perfect for us! Thanks for offering!

  34. I would share this with my mother-in-law

  35. Fingers crossed!

  36. This would make a wonderful gift for my overwhelmed sister-in-law. Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

  37. I am a confident misfit… so I really need to read this book!

  38. This looks like my kind of coffee table book.

  39. I want this please pretty Lady :>}

  40. Yes please and thank you! 🙂

  41. Cool, hope I win!

  42. I would keep it for myself because I do love Karen’s photos (and say, aren’t you IN this wonderful book?). I do not mean to call her a liar but where does she get off calling herself a misfit, lovely as she is? The nerve! Circus sideshows like myself really take offense to being lumped in with the lovely and those who clearly fit perfectly. 😉

  43. Fun! Thanks, Mir.

  44. Thank you!

  45. Count me in!

  46. I’d love this! Thanks Mir!

  47. I’ll take it!

  48. Lovely. Looks very interesting…

  49. I would absolutely keep this for myself!

  50. This sounds like a great book!

  51. I think it would inspire my daughter.

  52. Would love this book (yes, for me) 🙂

  53. this would be my Christmas gift to myself! Thanks

  54. Giving away this beautifully diferent holiday gift book is a beautiful thing to do!

  55. This sounds super cool.

  56. I’d love to give it to my niece.

  57. I would def keep it for me!!

  58. Hooray!

  59. Want!

  60. It’s such a beautiful book. I can think of a dozen who I’d gift it to, but my stepmother is most deserving… Thanks for the opportunity.

  61. Lovely – fingers crossed! Thanks, Mir!

  62. Yeah, I’m not even going to pretend that if I win this book it’s going to anyone else. It’s too beautiful to pass up!

  63. This book is so on my Christmas list.

  64. You’re working so hard for us today, Mir! Love this book too. Thanks 🙂

  65. I’d love to have this book, but I’d have to send this one to my sister should I win…

  66. Karen’s lovely. I’d love to win.

  67. I have the perfect person for this one!

  68. Oh, this would be awesome!

  69. Looks like an amazing book! Win one or not, I am definitely going to be buying copies to give as gifts. I would love an inscribed copy for Sydney, though. Such an important message, If I were wealthy, I’d buy thousands of copies and hand them out, everywhere I went.


  70. What a lovely book!

  71. That would be a keeper!!

  72. I love her stuff.

  73. What a pretty looking book, thank you!

  74. Beautiful!! Would love to be able to give one with an inscription from the author.

  75. thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  76. i plan on buying this book for just about everyone on my christmas list, but i really would like to win a copy for myself. and i would be all SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE about a personalization from karen. so, ummmmm, PICK ME!

  77. What a beautiful idea!

  78. love it, love it!

  79. Wow. Perfect for the in-laws.

  80. please!

  81. have never won anything but would love this!

  82. looks like a good gift for the in-laws! thanks!

  83. Love the idea

  84. Sounds awesome!

  85. I like the reviews on this book…I’d want to read it then pass it along to pretty much every woman I know.

  86. I love Karen and am so excited for her and this book!

  87. Cool, thanks!

  88. Can’t wait to see this in person – I’m buying one for myself, and I’d have one to give as a gift!

  89. This is te kind of lesson that I hope to teach my daughter. And remember for myself!

  90. Pick me Random Number Generator!!!!

  91. I’d love to get a copy and re-gift it!

  92. another great contest to which I say, “Yes, please.”

  93. I LOVE books!

  94. This is on my wishlist for Christmas, but even better if I would get it before!

  95. The random number generator hates me, but I have hope.

  96. lovely.

  97. This book is on my wish list! Thanks!

  98. Oh, man, I would love this book. I’m going to have to order it soon if I don’t win: perhaps I’ll have Amazon ship it with some gifts, so no one knows I’m buying myself presents this close to the holidays.

  99. What a great book!

  100. Looks like a great book!

  101. Another great giveaway! Thanks, Mir.

  102. I’m entering because you are.

  103. yes please

  104. Sign me up!

  105. Sounds great!

  106. Everyone loves a good book!

  107. Definitely sounds interesting! I actually have a friend in mind that I’d love to give it to!

  108. Sounds lovely.

  109. will it fit in my stocking?

  110. Nice…been looking for the “leftovers” gift!

  111. Can’t wait to see this book!

  112. Sounds great!

  113. Beautiful!

  114. I have just one person to buy for left and she would LOVE this, hope I win!

  115. This would be great! Thanks!

  116. Thanks for another great contest offering. 🙂

  117. This would be wonderful. Thank you!

  118. please pick me !

  119. I keep hearing great things about this book!

  120. Karen and this book rocks!

  121. Love her photography and her voice

  122. Oh. Oh. I <3 Karen. I hope I win!

  123. This would be perfect for my misfit of a m-i-l. (Did I just type that?)

  124. Wonderful!

  125. This looks great – pick me please!

  126. I would love to win this.

  127. Whoa. Nice.

  128. Would love to win. Thanks!

  129. Sounds neat!

  130. Oh, if I win this I’m giving it as a present….to me!

  131. Thank you Mir. I hope I win!

  132. I have a few hard to buy for…this would be great for at least one of them !!!

  133. Ohmanohmanohman!! I hope I win! Thanks for the chance, Mir. (And you too, Karen!)

  134. I’m already impatiently waiting for one copy to arrive from Amazon to give as a Christmas gift. But I have other people I’d love to give it to as well … or maybe keep one for myself!

  135. Confident misfits, unite! Especially those named Karen!

  136. I have someone who would be touched by this book.

  137. Hmmm… sounds lovely!

  138. I love Karen’s work and would love to give this book as a gift – which I am going to do anyway. But would love it to be inscribed.

  139. too cool – a book for the rest of us

  140. I’ve been longing for a copy of her book – would love to win one!

  141. Sounds neat!

  142. would love to win this book…..

  143. I love this for ME. It’s very tight around here for Xmas, and I probably won’t be getting anything myself, so I NEED this for me!

  144. I would love this!!

  145. Merry Christmas To Me!!!!

  146. I’ve heard several mentions of this book—all really positive. Would love to have a copy.

  147. I want to thank my daughter for introducing me to Karen W. I love her blog and
    am really looking forward to seeing her new book. Hope I win the signed copy.

  148. This looks like a great book! Would love to win!!

  149. Sign me up! Please….

  150. sounds beautiful

  151. I am absolutely aching to read this book.

  152. Looks great!

  153. Love it!

  154. What a great idea for gifts for my girlfriends!

  155. Please?!

  156. sounds like a great book

  157. Fun! Wow, Karen’s book is getting great friend circulation. I’m so glad.

  158. Looks great!

  159. Sounds like a great book!

  160. When am I gonna be the winner? This time? Please?

  161. Love love love books!

  162. This sounds like a fabulous gift!!!

  163. This would make the perfect gift for my sister for Christmas.

  164. This sounds great!

  165. Books are the best gift!

  166. Describes me! Hope I win this!

  167. Sounds like a beautiful gift!

  168. Sounds very nice. I’m in!

  169. Thanks for the contests, Mir! You and that random number generator are looking super pretty today…

  170. This photographer is absolutely amazing.

  171. Pick me!! Pick me!!!!

  172. … and it is a beautiful book.

  173. Hmmmm! Sounds interesting.

  174. Sounds lovely

  175. Sounds good for a lot of people- but I would probably keep it for myself! (And make my kids look at it.)

  176. Oh this would be a really neat gift! Thanks for the chance!

  177. Looks like a gorgeous book. A gorgeous book by a gorgeous lady I’d completely keep for myself (the book, not Karen…she has no idea who i am and might press charges if i were to keep her up on a high shelf away from the children and their crayons).

  178. I would love to have this–another book–what could be better?

  179. pick me choose me

  180. I’m in:)

  181. I would love this for my mother in-law!

  182. I could use some winning. :o)

  183. Maybe this time the random number generator will smile upon me?

  184. Count me in, please!

  185. Sounds awesome!

  186. Yes please!

  187. Thanks Mir!

  188. What a beautiful book, it would look great on my sister’s coffee table (after I looked through it, of course!) 🙂

  189. Very cool!

  190. Ooooooooooooo! Great contest! Beautiful book! I seriously love books. Especially pretty ones.

  191. Would it look strange for her to give the book to someone with the same name?

  192. YES please and thank you

  193. I would love to win this book for myself but I would also share it with my nieces.

  194. Oh wow. I would love to win this book.

  195. Oh, pretty please and now to waste some time pondering who to give it to…

  196. Oh, pick me, pick me!

  197. I’m #197! yikes!

  198. This can be my husband’s gift to me… 😉

  199. What a great idea!

  200. I have the perfect person in mind to give this to!

  201. Please!

  202. Just found out about this book, and it sounds wonderful – the perfect present for my best girlfriend!

  203. I know just the person to give this to. What a fantastic gift!

  204. I loved Love Thursdays and her photos are gorgeous-pick me!

  205. Fingers crossed. Merry Christmas!

  206. Sounds great!

  207. Wonderful! Thanks Mir!

  208. Looks awesome!

  209. I think every family with a daughter NEEDS this book. Right now, I’m trying to teach my 6 year old that we don’t all have to look like or dress like her to be beautiful. We’re all beautiful in our own unique way, and we’d better learn to love it… or end up like Heidi Montag. Yikes.

  210. Wow. The post ate part of my sentence! I wrote “we don’t all have to look like a Disney channel star or dress like her to be beautiful”.

  211. Soooo cool. Thanks.

  212. What is better than a good book? Nothing!

  213. It would be a present for ME! You’re pretty & smart RNG….you too Mir!

  214. Me me me.

  215. Perfect!

  216. oh, please please please!

  217. Thanks!

  218. Oh, gift for self – check. This would be great.

  219. Choose me, pretty please!

  220. I would like to win this.

  221. I want this so bad!!!

  222. Yay, books!

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