Oh, sorry… back now

By Mir
December 2, 2010

I took my kid for a 10-minute doctor’s appointment three and a half hours ago. And just got back. Do not ask me how my day is going, is my point. Apologies for the lull.

But hey, I’m back! I brought you something. It’s the Friends & Family sale at Nine West, where everything is already marked down at least 30%. Spend $75+ and you can add in coupon code NWPOSTC for another $20 off, too.

Shipping is a flat $5. And chances are you didn’t just spend three hours in a waiting room. So, you know, there’s that.


  1. ARGH! Hulk smash waiting rooms!


  2. I hate it when that happens!

  3. It wouldn’t be an issue if I didn’t keep refreshing the page saying, “Give it to me, Mir; come on, GIVE IT TO ME.” I think I have a problem.

  4. A few items I put in my cart were 50% off or more!

  5. UGG HH we were only waiting for an hour or so and that was more than enough with two under 4 kids. Feel for you pretty lady + hugs!

  6. I scored a pair of boots, heels and a wallet for just under $75 shipped. Happy birthday to me!

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