Man not need girly coupons!

By Mir
December 3, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Man is manly. Man grunt! Man cook with fire! Man grow hair on chest!

Man shop for many manly things at Man Cave, like meat! Man pay full price, because man is too manly for sales!

Man has smart wife. Smart wife checks out sidebar Atlanta Groupon for $61 to Man Cave for just $29. Man grunt in grudging appreciation. Man buy more manly things to put more hair on man’s chest.


  1. My husband’s favorite: Man cook outside with fire! Woman cook inside with magic.

  2. Mir funny

  3. Readers adore Mir. Mir hilarious!

  4. PS: the Phoenix Groupon today is for Red Envelope!

  5. someone sipping some eggnog? too funny!

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