When it ships free, it’s for me

By Mir
December 8, 2010

Hey, it’s another free shipping extravaganza at Eddie Bauer, with all orders shipping for free with coupon code STNICK through tomorrow (December 9th, 2010).

And this is me, not making any comments about their sub-zero jackets or their interesting approach to sizing. That’s because the last time I posted an Eddie Bauer deal they took me to task on Twitter for my comments. (Not really; they told me they’d work on their sizing and I responded very maturely with an all-caps plea about how they were not allowed to change the Blakely pants because they’re my favorite. Yeah, I’m totally the boss of Eddie, now.)

I’m off to shop. And possibly dodge lightning bolts.

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  1. I’m a little annoyed with EB because their site died on cyber Monday–or at least it was in a coma. But I have an EB Friends coupon, so maybe I’ll try again…free shipping is one less trip to the mall!

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