Amazon toy markdowns, Nerf gun edition

By Mir
December 10, 2010

I do not condone the use of toy guns. I do not buy them for my children. I am told I’m something of a stick in the mud.

So here’s some options for getting your violence on, Nerf-style, if you’re a nicer mom than I am:
Nerf Dart Tag Hyperfire Dart Blaster for $7.99 (53% off)
Nerf Bandolier Dart Kit for $7.99 (53% off)
Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 Dart Blaster for $12.99 (48% off)
Nerf National Dart Tag League Strikefire Championship Kit for $15.99 (41% off)
Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster for $18.99 (46% off)
Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster for $21.99 (37% off)

Happy hunting! Allow me to be the first to say: You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!


  1. I never gave my son guns, either. At 32, he now owns every Nerf firing set ever made…

  2. I’m trying to hold out on the “no guns, not even Nerf” but I think hubby is going to cave soon because he wants to play Nerf guns with the boys…sigh…

  3. We don’t even allow squirt guns. . .

  4. Oh man, you just ruined my day. A gun I had ordered for my eldest is now $8 off and from what I gather, Amazon won’t refund the difference. 🙁

  5. To each his own. I didn’t buy them at first and my son just found other things to turn into “shooters” as he called them. Now he has tons of Nerf guns and he and his dad have epic battles. Male bonding I guess. lol

  6. Thanks for sharing! Have you actually ever played with nerf guns? I was anti-gun to begin with, even confiscated the teeny toy guns from the play sets other people gave him and threw them in the trash (he still remembers). But nerf guns are FUN, and the dart tag kits are the best. Last time the grandparents came to visit, we were all running around with nerf guns! I bought them their own set for Christmas.

  7. My husband has a conceal and carry license. My kids have tons of play guns. I HATE nerf guns. Those dang bullets are found EVERYWHERE. Even in the laundry. I used to pick them up and put them in a container. Now, they go in the trash. No more bullets, no more mess for me:). Who is the bigger stick in the mud?

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