Oink, oink

By Mir
December 10, 2010

Did I mention that I have a kid with the flu? No? I’m currently living in dread-induced limbo. I know I’m going to get sick, I just don’t know when. In the meantime, I have wrapped the patient in Saran to keep the germs contained*.

So that’s why I’m just going to toss this one out there before I realize that, say, my eyeballs are on fire. You’re welcome.

How adorable is this Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank? So adorable. And half price, right now, at just $7.50. This is now down to just $6.00! Even better, it’s considered part of the Baby Store, so for you Amazon Mom members, you can use it towards one of those $25+ Baby purchases that will extend your Prime membership by a month. Nice, right?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go pour Sprite and fluff pillows.

* I would never actually wrap a child in Saran wrap. That would be ridiculous and negligent. Obviously I prefer to wipe him down periodically with bleach.


  1. That bank is adorable!

  2. Such a good mom.

    Thanks for the tip on the piggy bank. This makes an outstanding baby gift!

  3. Customers who bought this bank also bought the Hulk Bust Bank?

  4. We have this bank. It is stinking cute. You can rotate the head too which makes it especially adorable.

  5. Now it’s down to $5.99!

  6. Ha! I really appreciate your wit. I’m relatively new to your site and enjoy it immensely. Thank you!

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