Amazon toy markdowns, Nerf extended dance remix

By Mir
December 14, 2010

Yeah, I know—I just did a Nerf post… ummm… recently. Maybe a couple of days ago. (The days are starting to blend together. December is like that.) Some of these are new and some of them are further markdowns from what they were a few days ago.

Here we go:
Nerf Bandolier Dart Kit for $7 (59% off)
Nerf N-Strike Maverick for $9.10 (39% off)
Nerf N-Strike Recon CS-6 Dart Blaster for $10 (60% off)
Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 Dart Blaster for $11 (56% off)
Nerf National Dart Tag League Strikefire Championship Kit for $15 (44% off)
Nerf N-Strike Longstrike CS-6 Dart Blaster for $16 (54% off)
Nerf N-Strike Radar Rapid Fire CS-35 Dart Blaster for $20 (43% off)
Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster for $25 (50% off)
Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS for $39 (35% off)

I have been looking at these for so long, and reading so many of the reviews (“So awesome! We love these!!!1!”) that I may be about to change my stance on toy guns. Lord help us all.


  1. Nerf guns make for fun times with the 31, 20, and 3 year old “kids”.

  2. I agree… we are sorta no guns in our house too, but these are too fun to pass up. We bought my son one for his bday last year and turns out my husband bought one for himself too! Now my daughter and I want one… I think they’ll be under the tree this year. Way too much family fun in this game! :o)

  3. ARGH, the dang stampede!! NOW it goes on sale LOL – nah, I got it for a good price, so I’m happy. And we have a BLAST with these guns in the house – get a marshmellow gun for Licorice this holiday season. Let the kids shoot the marshmellow’s around the house and watch as she runs around to eat them – hilarious!!

  4. SO annoying when they do this AFTER I’ve bought it. grrrrrrrr.

  5. my boys absolutely LOVE the nerf guns, and my daughter has been known to get into the mix too. The rules are no hitting above chest – if they aim that way or shoot someone there (by accident of course – yeah RIGHT) then the guns are confiscated for a week – and that rule extends to playdates whether it is one of my kids who break the rule or their friends.

    They have the best time using the suction cup darts on our big picture window – they aim for different squares and make it into a target game with points. They also just like running around the house like stealth fighters. I am not of the school that playing with toy guns means violent serial killers, so to me its not a big deal. I explain that they are toys and used only at our house and they shouldn’t play guns at school or initiate gun play at other friend’s houses.

    I’d advise skipping the big vulcan – one of my boys wanted it so badly, but its huge and he doesn’t use it much. The smaller nerf guns get the most use!

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