Fancify your hair, my friends

By Mir
December 14, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Lots of people—when I tell them what I do—seem to think that frugal = cheap. And what I always say is that no, I actually have excellent and often very expensive taste; I just like to pay less for the things I want.

One of the places I tend not to skimp is on hair care. (Interesting thought: The older I get, the more I spend on my hair. Vanity, thy name is the battle against premature gray.) But do I want to spend full price on the expensive products I use? No, I do not.

Today (December 14th, 2010) only, shop for all of your high-end hair care needs at Lock and Mane, and save 25% on your entire order with coupon code FRIENDS. Shipping is automatically free on $25+.

Not cheap, people. Expensive, cheaper.

[Hat tip: Hair Thursday.]


  1. As a curly haired person, I too am always looking for the right hair stuff and am not scared to spend money for it. Any favorites on this site?

  2. I love it when you post these things JUST as I need them. Excellent timing, my friend. I saved $9.25 (on top of free shipping!) and got some of those beautiful France Luxe barrettes for my sister.

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