Amazon toy markdowns, LEGO games edition

By Mir
December 15, 2010

It’s becoming clear to me that I am going to get the flu after everyone else in the house is all better. So last night I made like a worker bee and wrapped all the Christmas presents. I am pleased to report that I did, indeed, buy “evenly” for the kids, and that I remembered where everything was. Go me!

The only thing I didn’t end up buying this year that I really wanted for my son is the new LEGO Creationary game, because it just never went on sale. (Maybe later.) These other new LEGO games just dropped in price, though, and I’m thinking they’ll be perfect to have on hand for upcoming boy birthday parties:

LEGO Race 3000 for $6 (70% off)
LEGO Lava Dragon for $6 (60% off)
LEGO Magikus for $6 (45% off)
LEGO Monster 4 for $8 (47% off)

Hang on a sec… here, have some hand sanitizer. Trust me.


  1. I’m waiting for a Creationary deal too!

  2. I’m such a noob; I had no idea there were Lego games! My son is going to be so glad sat me next to you in Chicago.

  3. We have Monster 4 and Lava Dragon (unfortunately bought at full price. Sob.) and we love them both. I especially enjoy Monster 4 — a fun twist on Connect 4. The LEGO games are pretty ingenious.

  4. I love stocking the birthday closet! (Though I confess one of the games I just bought will probably be for my son!)

  5. Thanks for the deal. I got a couple of Lava Dragon for the minifigures alone. That’s a great price for 4 minifigs.

  6. I’d enjoy getting the Creationary too, but we sometimes play it without the official game. One person thinks of a lego structure (ie, robot) and the rest of the group all build one before a timer goes off. We sometimes let the person who chose the item pick a winner, but usually we just get into comparisons and forget to have a winner. This is one of the only ways I still get into playing lego with my kids. Well, that and picking it up after I’ve wounded a foot stepping on it.

  7. The magikus is showing as $7.99, not $6.00. Did I miss the deal?

  8. Thanks! You are so pretty.

  9. Target had it in the store for $23 last week. Not bad when it is $36 full price. I got one for my boys– I think they will love it!

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