When in doubt, Amazon

By Mir
December 15, 2010

You are keeping an eye on those Holiday Lightning Deals at Amazon, right? In a few minutes this talking microscope is coming up. [Edited to add: It’s up! Just $24—40% off!]

And today is day 16 of 17 Days of Video Game Deals, with today’s offering being Activision Kids’ Games. I see many, many games my children have been begging for.

I’m all done with Christmas. And birthdays. And Easter. And yet, I’m still looking….


  1. I introduced my new friend to your site and just today she was telling me how much she has loved your blog because of all the deals she has gotten for her 3 boys!

  2. I’m done with Christmas, birthdays, Easter, and Christmas next year for other kids! And yet, I’M STILL BUYING! lol…

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