Amazon toy markdowns, bestsellers edition

By Mir
December 16, 2010

Sometimes I find markdowns on Amazon by going through their “Bestsellers in the last hour” list, and then I find other things by looking at their “People who bought this item also bought” items on the product pages, and now you know how I find a lot of these things, and also why I spend 16 hours a day on Amazon in December. (Wow, when I put it like that it sounds kind of… well, nevermind.)

So here’s some random markdowns:
Playskool Clipo Mini Bucket for $5.40 (73% off)
Insect Lore Ladybug Land for $6 (70% off)
Connect 4 with five ways to play for $6 (68% off)
Fuzzoodles Jumbo Plush Construction Kit for $7 (75% off)
Fantasma Toys Astounding Magic DVD Set for $9 (78% off)
Barbie and The Three Musketeers Magical Balloon Carriage for $14.40 (68% off)
Fisher-Price Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier for $25 (44% off)
Radio Flyer Tailspin Trike, Red for $30 (67% off)
Barbie Fashion Fairytale Palace for $35 (70% off)

I… kind of want that tricycle. Is that wrong?


  1. Doesn’t “Fantasma” sound more like an adult bookstore than a brand of child’s toy?

  2. I will not buy anymore…I will not buy anymore…I WILL NOT BUY ANYMORE…

  3. MIR!!!! Just when I think I’m done, you go ahead and post more fab deals!!! I’m running out of holidays, birthdays (& not to mention space!) to justify buying any more toys!!!!

  4. I’m changing their name to “Damazon” because they keep making me spend more than I should!

    This is marked down to $18 from $100

  5. FYI….

    As an Amazon Mom member, you might be interested in limited-time savings on toys for kids of all ages.

    Through January 2, 2011, you can get an extra 10% off select toys when you enter promo code M885TY3L at checkout.*

  6. Thanks, Mir! I was looking for a magic kit for my 8-year old who keeps talking about the Cris Angel kit he saw on television. I know this isn’t the same but I’m thinking much more age appropriate (and much cheaper!)

    I’m thinking I might need to find an Amazon Anonymous support group after my free Prime trial runs out in January.

  7. OMG – Stop the madness!!! OK, don’t, because I just added a bunch to my gift closet and used Amazon certificates. And I got great news today that the applesauce you posted a while back earned me an extra month of free Amazon Prime. You’re so pretty!

  8. We have the Razor brand of this trike. It is very cool for my 11, 7, and6 yr olds

  9. The Ladybug kits are a HUGE hit with little boys. I HAVE TO BE DONE NOW.

  10. Tailspin Trike + $17 Razor I picked up earlier this year from Amazon = total 5 year old mind loss !
    You have singlehandedly made my Christmas shopping a success- thank you, Mir!!

  11. Can I just say thanks again? Now have the Jan. birthday present taken care of–that Sky Racers carrier looks SO COOL for my soon to be 5 year old. That is the one advantage of having a birthday right after Christmas. 🙂

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