Amazon toy markdowns, PixOs and Paperoni edition

By Mir
December 16, 2010

As near as I can tell, PixOs are little beads that magically stick together with water and make… things. They remind me of perler beads, but without the need for an iron and even more likely to roll off the table and get stuck to your socks. And Paperoni is wads of paper, but artistic-like. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

PixOs Micros Intro Set for $4 (73% off)
PixOs 3D Starter with Pen for $5 (69% off)
PixOs Micros Show N Glow Studio for $8 (73% off)
PixOs Ultimate Design Station for $9.90 (75% off)

Paperoni Variety Pack for $4.50 (68% off)
Paperoni Magic Movin’ Pets Version 1 for $5.80 (74% off)
Paperoni Deluxe Studio for $7.20 (76% off)

Kids love these, by the way. There is a direct relationship between how big/annoying of a mess a toy makes and how much kids like it. Trust me.


  1. Don’t forget loud – they love loud toys. Loud toys that make a big mess would be perfect!

  2. No!! No pixos! That T-T-T-ttttt sound as they each hit the floor! They haunt my dreams!

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