St. Nick is picking dress shirts

By Mir
December 16, 2010

Ho ho ho, do you know what Santa brings all the good little girls and boys? Shirts that don’t need to be ironed! Say what you will about modern technology; so far as I’m concerned, the greatest invention of the last 50 years is not the Internet, it’s men’s dress shirts that magically stay wrinkle-free! It’s like a Christmas miracle every single day!

Hop on over to Lands’ End today and you’ll find that St. Nick’s Pick for today is button-down shirts for boys, men and women starting at just $15. As always, shipping will automatically be free through my link, or if you’d rather, coupon code SANTA75 with PIN 4445 will take $10 off $50+ or $25 off $75+ (with free shipping on $75+).

Nothing says “I love you” like ironing your beloved’s shirts. But nothing says “I love you and I am super smart” like just buying him shirts that don’t need to be ironed. I am certain I saw that cross-stitched on a pillow somewhere.

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  1. Crap! I just ordered a bunch of stuff from there yesterday. Should have waited so I could’ve snatched up a couple of these.

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