That’s a stylin’ trike

By Mir
December 16, 2010

I still kind of want one of the $35 Radio Flyer Tailspin Tricycles from an earlier post (they’re all starting to blend together, now; was it just this morning?), but I’m also digging this Schwinn Roadster Tricycle, available in either red or pink for the same $35 shipped.

And while looking at those, I also found this Radio Flyer Big Flyer—also just $35—which appears to be the Radio Flyer answer to the Big Wheel.

I think I have tricycle envy.


  1. Weee! Just talked my husband out of giving the child a full size bike 3 years early. Hurrah!!!

  2. There are adult tricycles. My daughter rides one for Special Olympics. She sails past a lot of the athletes on bicycles.

  3. If anyone is considering the Big Flyer, and is on the fence, I can tell you to buy it! We’ve had one for years, and my 4 kids haven’t been able to break it yet.

  4. We’ve had that Schwinn for 3 years and both of my boys have loved it! Even has a little bicycle bell to ring. And that’s a fabulous price for it.

  5. I have really, REALLY tall kids — my 5YO is size 7/8 and my almost 3YO is size 5/6 (both girls). Can anyone tell me what size kids would be happy with these? I’d be buying 2 and passing them down to baby brother also….

    I guess what I’m really asking is do I need to buy a bike for my older girl, or would one of these trikes be good for at least a year?

  6. Melissa D., My 5 year old is also in size 7/8 and he fits on the Radio Flyer with no problem at all. You can set the seat back to the furthest holes and she’ll fit fine. Also, my son sometimes takes the back right off, then he and his 8 year old neighbor take turns riding it. It will definitely last a year!

  7. My husband and I were looking at the Big Flyers last Jan/Feb for our twin daughters birthday in March. At that point those suckers were about $85 a piece!!! Some how, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much money for a big wheel. Now I just scored two for under $70! Woohoo! Their big birthday gift is done! 😀 Now I just have to hide them for three months.

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