30% off LEGO Star Wars sets at Target

By Mir
December 18, 2010

Yesterday’s posted deal on the LEGO Star Wars The Battle of Endor set sold out in a flash, but if you missed it, don’t be sad! Here are some other LEGO Star Wars sets currently available at Target for 30% off and free shipping:

Corporate Alliance Tank Droid for $17.49
Echo Base for $17.49 (also available from Amazon for the same price and free shipping—use to avoid tax, if you can)
Separatists Shuttle for $20.99
The Clone Wars Armored Assault Tank for $34.22
TIE Defender Set for $34.99
Anakin’s Y-Wing Starfighter for $41.29
Venator Republic Attack Cruiser for $89.99 (this one is only 25% off)

I look at these and all I see is LEGO all over the floor for me to step on. But funny, every boy my son’s age seems to have a very different reaction….

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  1. Wish I could shop there… 🙁 Their return policy has gotten so dreadful that DH has decided we need to boycott.

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