Doodle me this

By Mir
December 19, 2010

These drop in price a few times a year, and they are tremendously popular every time they do—both my kids love these books, even the older I-am-too-cool-for-everything one.

The item in question? Doodle books! They’re not coloring books; think of them more as idea books. They’re perfect for kids who are a little too old for coloring books but who might face a blank sheet of paper and declare “I don’t know what to draw!” These bridge the gap nicely. (Also, they’re huge. I’m always surprised at how big they are.)

Do You Doodle? for $5.03 (61% off)
The Boys Doodle Book for $5.05 (61% off)
The Girls Doodle Book for $5.05 (61% off)
Beautiful Doodles for $4.72 (64% off)


  1. These are very cool. I remember when I was little I used to get the Susan Striker Anti Coloring books. Different series but same idea.

  2. Thanks Mir! I’ve been agonizing over a few last minute gifts and these will be just perfect!

  3. Mir, you are very pretty this morning! These are perfect for the gift shelf!!

    FYI – Beautiful Doodles already seems to be sold out, but the other 3 are still available.

  4. We bought the Christmas Doodles this year and have been doing a few pages at a time with my little ones- it is so fun! I could sit and doodle for hours in these books!

  5. Thanks, Mir! This looks way cool.

  6. Oh bother. The problem with Prime is that I have no reason NOT to order. Cousins’ kids are getting a little something extra.

  7. My gift closet says Thank You! My MIL might be getting one of these for her Feb bday!

  8. I bought a stack of these last year about this time and the kids got one for xmas, one for birthdays, and they are getting a new one each this xmas. they LOVE them!! two thumbs up!

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