DS games, cheaper in pairs

By Mir
December 19, 2010

Need another couple Nintendo DS games to round out the stash? Amazon is currently offering an assortment of their most popular DS games where any two together will cost just $39. Now, this may not seem like much of a deal if you’ve been stocking up on the $10 deals here and there, but this promotion includes hardly-ever-reduced, super-popular games like Zhu Zhu Pets: Wild Bunch with Bonus Hamster and Super Scribblenauts, so if games you’ve been watching are included, this may be the deal to beat.

And really, can you put a price on being able to make a cannibalistic pregnant toilet that births and then eats its tiny toilet offspring? I say no. (Yes, Super Scribblenauts really never gets old, that way.)

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  1. You already know how I feel about this game…

    Here’s hoping I actually get it for Christmas, since I’ve hinted and hinted to my husband that I would love to be able to create pregnant chocolate bars (and cannibalistic pregnant chocolate bars would be even more hilarious! Why, yes, I am a 10 year old, can’t you tell? 😉 )

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