Equal time for Polly Pocket

By Mir
December 21, 2010

Look; I like LEGO a heckuva lot more than I like Polly Pockets. I just do. But I know Pollys are tremendously popular with girls who aren’t LEGO-heads, and I know they’re not going anywhere.

So today I got to thinking about how I’ve done several Amazon markdown posts about LEGOs, but none about Pollys. And I thought that wasn’t terribly fair, so I went looking for Polly markdowns.

I found… two. So apparently either parents of girls are more willing to pay full retail, or I’m not the only one who thinks Polly is annoying. Either way, here you go: get the Polly Pocket Ultimate World Collection for $15 (57% off) or the Polly Pocket Race and Splash Playset (oooh, Polly’s a mermaid!) for $10 (60% off) at Amazon right now.

Unless you already spent all of your money on LEGO, that is.


  1. My 5 year old wants a boy polly pocket so bad, but I can only find ones that are ridiculously priced. I refuse to pay that, so oh well.

  2. I liked the old style polly pocket.

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