Amazon toy markdowns, even more LEGO edition

By Mir
December 22, 2010

Part of me is feeling relieved that we’re coming to the end of the crazy deals, and part of me is feeling sad. Fortunately, I will have plenty of LEGO with which to distract myself, in a few days. Er, I mean, my son will have plenty of LEGO. Of course.

Here’s a few new/further markdowns on LEGO at Amazon:
LEGO Atlantis Wreck Raider for $6 (54% off)
LEGO Prince of Persia Desert Attack Set for $5.49 (50% off) (and I would cheerfully pay that just for the skeleton minifig because zomgsoawesome)
LEGO Prince of Persia Ostrich Race down to $10 (50% off)
LEGO Space Smash N Grab for $10 (50% off)
LEGO Atlantis Typhoon Turbo Sub for $15 (40% off)
LEGO Space Police Undercover Cruiser for $20 (33% off)
LEGO Space Police Hyperspeed Pursuit for $35 (29% off)

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  1. LEGO Ostriches! Hilarious!

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