Happy… Hanukkah!

By Mir
December 22, 2010
Category Hot Hot Hot!

This one is going to sound a little silly, timing-wise, but hear me out:

Right now Harry and David has all kinds of gifts on sale, and free shipping on everything with coupon code FSDEL. Go into the sale section and find the menorah with treats basket—it’s 80% off! For just under $20 you get a beautiful menorah, a variety of cookies, between 7-12 of their delicious Riviera Pears, a couple of apples, chocolate gelt, chocolate toffee almonds, and a box of candles.

At that price, buy it now, enjoy the edibles, and next year you can enjoy your gorgeous new menorah. Heck, at that price, it’s worth it for the pears alone, even if you chuck everything else!


  1. Awesome deal! My child is obsessed with Hanukkah (even though we are not Jewish) so he will love this! And I love the yummy pears and goodies for cheap!

  2. Oh my this is a super value!!! Thanks!

  3. I want this.
    I am not sure why I want it, but I do.

  4. DW, you want it because of the pears. The best pears ever.

  5. sweet deal! thanks!

  6. Thanks for scratching my shopping itch, Mir!

  7. Sheesh! Again, now my son’s getting his favorite pears!

    Between the Mickey crocs and the pears, you are my favorite person of the day!

  8. Heh, Sara. My son has also been obsessed with Hanukkah and wants to know why we don’t have a menorah. Well, now we do! Thanks, Mir.

  9. hanukkah or not… thats a GREAT deal on the fruit and cookies!

    and I now have a menorah in the gift closet!

  10. Wow! These pears are so great & it will be fun to have a gift basket arrive AFTER Christmas in time for New Year’s. Thanks!

  11. A back-up menorah is always nice and that is a great price for those pears!

  12. We also are non-Jewish and my kids spent a recent snow playing dreidel (sic?) all day. They even took them to school the next day to show their friends.

  13. Well, I’m glad to know I’m not the only goyim who wants a menorah. Next year we can celebrate Chanukka (or one of the many variant spellings ;))

  14. I am so glad to know that my son is not the only kid who thinks we should be celebrating Hanukkah. He will be super-excited to get this, and I’ll be super-excited to feed pears to our family next week!

  15. Great! My youngest graduates from college this spring, and will need a non-electric menorah (no candles allowed in the dorms) for her apartment. Thanks!

  16. I had them shipped to my mom’s house ’cause that’s where we’ll be next week. She’ll be so amused by the menorah.

  17. use code: trl pay for 10% off + free shipping 🙂

  18. Thanks, this was a great purchase! And thanks Ashley for the additional 10% off!

  19. Thank you for sharing! The pears alone are worth $30! And thanks Ashley for the extra 10% off!

    I had wanted to get a menorah to teach my little boy about Hanukkah but they’re usually pretty $$ so it’s that much better!

  20. Thanks, this was a great purchase! And thanks Ashley for the additional 10% off!

  21. Thank you, Mir and your lovely readers! I didn’t get this a couple of days ago because shipping was nearly $13. After reading the comments, I went back. Got it for less than $19 shippped – woohoo!!

  22. I just got the TRL PAY code after ordering some gift certs at restaurant.com. $19 and it will be here on New Year’s Day! YAY!

  23. Dude – this came today already!! It’s a Christmukkah miracle! And the menorah is attractive (think I’ll replace my old one, which is not.) And, of course, my kids only are interested in the shrinkwrapped Hannukah cookies, not the 9 tins of homemade ones on the counter. Whatever, more fresh goodies for me.

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