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By Mir
December 28, 2010
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It seems like every other person I talk to this week got a new camera for Christmas. Hooray! There’s nothing better than a new toy, even once you’re a grownup. Heh.

Maybe you need a few accessories to go with your new baby…? Amazon is currently offering a wide variety of camera and photo accessories eligible for additional savings. Save 10% on select items with coupon code IOOFFJAN, or 25% off select items with coupon code 25PEROFF.

I spy… this Polaroid PoGo Instant Mobile Printer for just $30 direct from Amazon (you must choose Amazon as the seller to use a coupon), plus with the 25% off it’s just $22.50 delivered.

There’s plenty of other eligible goodies, too—replacement batteries, flashes, tripods, memory cards, the works. I think I saw my husband drooling a little.


  1. I bought the pogo last year when you posted it as a gift for a tween. perfect! not the best quality but really? it’s fun so who cares!

  2. Thank you! I had been procrastinating buying the battery grip for my new D90 I got in 2010. I wanted the professional version so I could have access to information on the grip itself, but didn’t want to pay the prof prices. You just saved me lots of money — and really made shooting basketball season much, much easier. Thanks!

  3. Since I am still in need of a high quality camera to take pictures of my kids in low light settings from the back of the auditorium and church, i would love to hear what ‘everyone’ got for Christmas so I can start saving…… I need something not too hard to figure out for a 40 something ole lady with young kids (still havent figured out how to work my new Kodak Sport video Ãœ). I know the Canon Rebel was on sale at Costco online but would love to hear recommendations Ãœ

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