Crazy socks (and more)

By Mir
December 30, 2010

Alert and pretty Want Not reader MamaBear emailed to point out that LittleMissMatched is having a big end-of-year clearance sale, and they’re offering free shipping on every order.

I find their regular prices kind of mind-boggling. (I’m sorry, you want… $18 for a pair of socks? Oh, but they’re crazy socks? Those crazy socks had best have a stripe of gold running through them.) But the Outlet prices, combined with the free shipping, bring it down to where I can be a hero to the resident goofy-sock-wearer.

Thanks, MamaBear!


  1. Woo hoo! My daughter got some of these for Christmas, and now *I* can have some too. 🙂

  2. Heh, their “pair” is three socks. My niece would love these! Oh wait, so would her auntie ;).
    DH bought me a pair (two socks!) of Christmas socks and when I exclaimed my love for them he replied, “I knew you would love them. They were the ugliest pair there.”
    Needless to say, DH does not share my love for the zany sock.
    Off to see what kind of trouble I can get into at this store…

  3. I wonder if anybody ever buys 2 sets of the same ones to make 3 matching pairs of socks? Totally misses the point of the zaniness but, hmm…

  4. I’m with you lynn
    Simply put it would drive me batty to know I was wearing UNMATCHED socks!
    -same with my daughter.
    I’m sure others have purchased 2 sets to make a match?

    ~clueless I suppose?!

  5. Thanks Mir!

    My daughter got some flip flop sockes for Christmas and now I have stocked up for b-day gifts for her friends.


  6. Your timing couldn’t be more perfect! Mir, you are THE prettiest!!!

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