It’s winter’s end! No, really

By Mir
January 3, 2011

It feels to me like winter is just beginning, but I’m not in charge of these things. In the retail world, it’s clearance time. (Have to clear out those parkas for bathing suits, you know!) Anyway, that means the big season-end sale is already on over at Lands’ End, and if you use coupon code shippingisfree and PIN 5859, shipping is free on any order.

I love these sorts of sales, because what they call “season end” I call “four more months of winter.”


  1. Thanks for this one – I was about 3 dollars away from their free shipping at $50, and you saved me from trying to find one last thing I really didn’t need anyway just to get the free shipping!

  2. YESSSS! Paired with my Shop Your Way Rewards balance I just got a Heavenly Fleece for $7. Not that I’m going to need it now that winter is over- heh!

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