The trifecta of shoe awesomeness

By Mir
January 5, 2011

Please keep me away from today; they have Clarks, Privo, and Indigo (yes, I know they’re all Clarks, but they rarely do them all at once) marked down to as much as 70% off.

My favorite boots are Clarks. And so far this year I’ve been very, very good….


  1. All my favorite shoes are Clarks. And there’s new stuff listed too. And they are awesome. If only I had room for more shoes.

  2. those Clark Bettylous might be just what I was looking for . . . a new pair of shuffling to bus stop and grocery store shoes. and cute too!

  3. Only one pair left in the style I wanted … In my size. I took it as a sign. And soon those burgundy patent leather babies will be mine.

    Thanks, Mir.

  4. And Keens!!! Woohoo!!

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